Setting torch height

Hypertherm XP 30…Crossfire Pro table

This is my first plasma table so I’m still learning. I performed the THC test and it passed. I’m not exactly sure what to set the height of my torch above the metal. I tried some simple cuts on a piece of 1/4" and put the torch maybe an 1/8" off the steel using the knob on the THC. During the cut, I never saw the motor of Y axis move. I’m sure it something simple. I searched the Hypertherm manual and didn’t see anything regarding plasma tables and setting the torch height.

If you have THC ( Torch Height Control) you will set the cutting height when setting up the program. It will automatically set the height. You can set the cutting height when you get ready to post the program. There will be a box on the lower right side with the pre sets and you can change the cutting height there. Depending on which post processor you are using. I am talking about the Fusion 360 processor.
Are you sure the motors aren’t turning or are you talking about the ball screw? If they aren’t turning make sure the couplers are tight. If the motors aren’t working, make sure they are plugged into the proper recepts on the control. I am sure someone else will have more information for you!

About to use for the first time. It seems there must be some kind of initial adjustment to compensate for how the torch is mounted to the carriage.

As long as there is still available downward travel when the Torch hits the metal, that’s all that is needed.

The IHS system probes the Z axis down until the Torch hits the metal and keeps going until the downward movement opens the IHS switch on the Z axis. Then it lifts the Z axis until the switch closes. The point where the switch closes again is set as the Z zero. There are other things that happen, but that is the basic operation of the IHS system and this will happen on each cut loop.