Servo cable wires sticking out

Hello everyone

New to the forum and I have a question that most can probably help me out as I am wondering if this is normal. Just to present myself quickly I live on the east coast of Canada and I’ve got 3 trades. Electrician, Welder and Millright but just getting into the plasma table cutting to add slowly to the business.

I received my crossfire pro a few weeks ago and now started putting it all together and noticed that all the servo motors cables are not properly fitted into the strain reliefs of the servo’s. Basically the cable jacketing is out of the strain relief and there is about 1/4 inch of the wires exposed. Normally with all the light duty servo’s I’ve installed in the past will either have just wires coming out of them for clean environments, not much movement and low chances of someone snagging a wire. On the other hand like in this case with a proper cable installed for dirtier environments, more possibility of bending and movement as well as more chances of snagging the cable jacket is supposed to be inserted and held adequately into the strain relief.

I took the time to take a picture and send it to customer support and the reply from “Aksel” was basically that the jacketing of the cable is there to bundle the wires together and that the wire insulation was what should be holding the strain. Needless to say it ain’t what you should be telling an electrician. This is also pretty bad quality control I find but that might just be me. Doesn’t seem like they want to do anything about it. I replied and now waiting to see what comes of it.

I was wondering if everyone else has part of the wiring exposed right at the strain relief or if this batch of servo’s was shipped from their manufacturer without any care?

I know this ain’t an industrial table but still I don’t expect something like that especially where these cables can get more easily snagged by someone passing by and all that prevents the wires from tearing off on the inside of the servo is the soldering.

Just interested to know if anyone else has this as I didn’t find anything in the search.

thank you all and have a good day!

normal… i haven’t seen anyone having issues about that or else there would have been more posts about it.

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Your motors are normal, that black wrap is just a sheath that bundles the motor cables together. The blue and green wrap are what are actually shielding and stress relieving the wires. No bare/exposed wires are present.

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…or,coat it with some 3M 5200 fast-cure Marine Sealant

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welcome to the forum…I live in Ottawa…and heading out east in late May for a 2 week tour of the east coast…

look…if you ever need some help…send me anote…will be glad to help out over the phone or facetime…something like that…if you ever need it

had my table for 2 years and I love it…

and same thing on the motors…and no issues here…

Thanks will keep that in mind if ever I’m in a jam.

Happy to see it hasn’t given any issues to most but it still sucks they could solve this easily with their supplier.

Nice to see there is a generic answer you guys pull out or you copied it from the guy who replied to my email. Anyhow whoever wrote that has no clue about electrical!

I’ll just fix it myself I guess!

probably my best bet to be on the safe side.

have you looked up stepper motors on the web?
literally every single motor I see for sale looks like this


so I looked at mine…same as yours…

beside a proper strain relief looks like this

so the stepper motors provided by Langmuir do not have true strain reliefs as you call them…so Langmuir is correct in their statement…it is a protective coating over top.

the motors do not move…so there really is not a need for them…


@langmuir-reilly and @toolboy are correct in this thread. The motors that you received are exactly like all of our other motors, and the black sheath is only for cable management purposes to keep the red, green, and blue shielded wires bundled together.

Mine are exactly the same as well, I have them facing downward to mitigate any ingress of liquid or debris, and a zip tie around the motor relieves the strain on the actual wires.

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Same… !! They’ll never move again…

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I had the exact same thought when I got my motors.
I also felt like it was a manufacturing glitch at the time but apparently that style of motor is manufactured exactly like that. Why? … the almighty dollar.

You’ve already had a couple of the good suggestions which is face that opening towards the ground and run a zip tie around the motor to secure the wire bundle.

I did those two things and have never had a issue.

Have you completed the Assembly of your table?

Are you up and cutting yet?

Sort of. Mostly it has to do with a price point people are willing to pay.

If we shut off all those cheap(er) solutions, more expensive but better made versions wouldn’t suddenly sell out. There’s a reason Wal-Mart exists. We tend to be a cheap people.