Sealing -Table Water Leaks

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You should start a topic and let us know what kind of work you do with your machine and post a few pictures of your projects and set up.

Or we do have a community topic where people post their projects for everyone to see.

We had success with using BLACK RTV Silicone from the Automotive Store. It is HIGH Temp Rated and thinker in the application. Worked great.

Instructions clearly say to seal the welded corners with silicone.


Thanks for the welcome! As for the potential of fire using the black jack, I didn’t use that much. I used a water proof grade sealant like the instructions said, but after draining the table twice for fixing cracks, I was over it haha. And yes they say to seal corners. OR, our welds could just be better by weld prep and shielding gas. That’s neither here nor there as I do love the table. Shoulda bought a hypertherm plasma though… not to get off topic. That’s my only regret. I mostly am burning heavier stuff, 3/16” up into 5/8” and 3/4”. Starting to get into signs more and more as I’ve had requests for that.


I tig welded my two halves together on the cf pro. I saw sick of silicone holding a while then leaking hasnt leaked since

If you do not have the ability to tig weld all the joints, I would recommend using BLACK RTV HIGH TEMP Rated Automotive Silicone. Works great.