Sealing -Table Water Leaks

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Table up and running and just wanted to pass on something I addressed rather easily with the water table sealing issues. I had one small leak when complete, so rather than draining the table, cleaning off and using more silicone in the hopes you fix that leak, I just used some Flex Tape on the underside where the drip was coming through the joint…Made sure to dry and apply as soon as possible and wallah, no more leak. The stuff is supposed to be waterproof and adheres even underwater so I figured why not. It cures completely after 24 hours and so far no leak after a few days…Saved me a ton of time and you cant see it under the table for others to make stupid comments about it being used…




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I like how you can clearly see the tape starting to bubble out because of the head pressure of the vessel but they cut away the shot.


That guy cracks me up! :rofl:

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Langmuir should hire this guy and do some ads.

Or to do the instructional videos.

The rewatch value would be amazing


I also used flex tape to seal the underside of the seam after spreading a thick bead of silicon in the groove. I also ran it along the path of the screw holes so when I drove the self tapping screws they punched through the tape. Had my table since March and have never had a leak.

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IIRC, the guy died a couple of years ago…

Vince is still alive

You’re thinking about Billy Mays who died in 2009.

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@toolboy Your copy is available on Amazon.

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He’s still alive, it was Billy Mays the Oxyclean guy that died. Phil Swift is the pitch man for Flex Seal and also the CEO of the company.

All good lol…

I have used Gorilla brand of this type of tape and have had great luck as long as I am not doing a inside corner.

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Should have slapped it onto the inside of the tank!!!


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Same forces… more stress on the tape… the demo was about the tape sticking to a wet surface. QED


Black jack roof pitch works too as you can just put some on a glove and smear it down in the water for an instant leak fix. My problem was all the welds in the corners of the pans were so bad those were leaking worse than the joints were. I was almost tempted to get bed spray liner and do the whole thing. I got it plugged with a little black jack though!

your pan had leaking welded corners?…I would have sent Langmuir an email…wait…I did do that when I got my table and one of the pans was a problem…they sent me a new pan without question…

as for using petroleum based products around open flames and high heat…kinda scares me a bit on the possible extra fumes and fire hazard…

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