Scan2cad post processor issues

Anyone using Scan2cad? Trying to open it in on my XR and it’s saying the post processor isn’t compatible. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks

Can you edit the post processor you do have? There are a few special elements that must be placed in a G-Code file to make Firecontrol happy.

There is a document referenced here: New To The Crossfire stuff - #3 by langmuir-reilly

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I’m new to this whole cnc deal and learning as I go, far from tech savvy whatsoever. Scan2cad says it’ll turn it into Gcode and works with all programs or should at least. I edited my picture and got all the lines vectorized like it should be uploaded and when you export it, it’s suppose to put into a G code format. I’ll do more research for sure, just hoping for someone that uses it and would be able to help me understand. Appreciate your time and will check the link you posted. Thanks!

Yes, their Post Processor will undoubtedly create ‘standard’ GCode. Unfortunately for you, your FireControl system doesn’t use ‘standard’ GCode. It needs some additional bits of information. So, either the Scan2Cad post processor is modified to supply that additional information (documented in the link I provided) OR you export your design from Scan2Cad to SVG or DXF file and import it into SheetCam, which does have a FireControl specific post processor, so that you can actually make your design. It’s not complicated, but these are the facts.


Appreciate your time and info! Been reading and researching, sounds like my best result is to download sheetcam, run with it since it’s compatible with Firecontrol and hopefully make it a smoother experience and process and it’ll convert it correctly to the compatible g code. Don’t believe scan2cad is obviously converting it the way Firecontrol needs to run it. It’s not saving the file very after modifying it to vector either as I’m having major issues there as well. I did a smaller image and it saved fine, but the image I’m really needing won’t save at all unfortunately.

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