Saying Hello, new Langmuir/ShopSabre CEO

Hello all. I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I’m Cody Petersen, the new holding company CEO for Langmuir Systems and ShopSabre. I recently joined the team but have been following the forums here for a while. I’ve been continually impressed by the creativity and support of this community, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

I joined the team after most recently being CEO for an industrial 3D printer manufacturer in Chicago. When the opportunity came to lead the combined company, I had to take it because each of the tools that Langmuir makes are tools that I’d use in my own shop. My Langmuir tool collection currently only includes 3 ArcFlats; however, I’m looking forward to adding an MR1 as soon as I can. I have a list of custom parts that I’d like to make for the 1973 Trans Am resto-mod that my father and I are working on. Picture included!

Prior to my experience in 3D printing, I spent the last 13 years working in new product development, operations, quality, continuous improvement, and product engineering with both John Deere and Raytheon Technologies and like many on the forum felt the need to do something more hands on and entrepreneurial, that lead me down the path of working at smaller companies, I can tell you that I have found my passion and it has been incredibly rewarding.

I’m looking forward to working with the Langmuir team to bring out more features and accessories for our current products and I can tell you that I have a ton of enthusiasm for what’s to come at both companies.

To help with the journey, we are looking to add a Mechanical Engineer to the team at Langmuir who has the same passion for manufacturing and CNC that many of you have. If you know of anyone, please let them know about this posting:

I look forward to continuing to see the great projects and products that this community produces.


Welcome to the team…Newer user here of a crossfire pro and arcflatx2, really like the products(except the table legs were really bad). The forum is probably one of the best I’ve seen for involvement and help from the members. Community makes a difference. Looking forward to more developments from the company. Chad

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Welcome… Not often you see a CEO connecting with customers/ the community via forum or social media. That alone will set you guys apart from the competition. As you mentioned, with the merge of Shop Sabre we can expect some new stuff coming out, Can we expect to see this come to light this summer?

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This speaks volumes to me:

I know there are two schools of thought about what makes a good leader:

  1. Someone who hires good people; or
  2. Someone that has a passion for a good product with an understanding of how the product works.

I like that you have an interest in accomplishing something with the products sold. This gives you first hand experience not only how the machine functions but understanding features that limit and enhance the process.

I am relatively new to this forum but it has an amazing, eclectic group of individuals. The wealth of knowledge that is shared certainly is a selling point and adds value with use of the machines.

Thank you for introducing yourself to us. And, although I really don’t drink much beer, here’s to keeping an open dialog🍻.


Thank you for the warm welcome Chad. I’m pleased to hear that you are having some early success with your PRO. I agree with you completely about the community.

I had some cosmetic issues with my table legs. Was there a specific issue that you had? I wouldn’t mind following up with our supplier. Granted that it doesn’t improve your issue; however, it could save someone else some headache down the road.

Thank you! I’m pumped to be here. We will definitely have some new products this summer! Most of these will be accessories, I know I could use a more diverse set of clamps and mounts for my ArcFlats as an example. In addition, there are several great ideas for software improvements and accessories for the MR-1 that I know the team is working on so we definitely want to get some continuous improvement releases out there too.

With respect to the ShopSabre observation, we are continuing to operate the two companies independently. The goal is to cover a broad range of customers and to share resources but only where it benefits both companies. Each company has it’s own culture and community.

So while I can’t tell you what it is… the next innovation will be from the internal Langmuir team and it’s something I’ve wanted to have in my shop for a long time.

I think these are both great observations; they are definitely not mutually exclusive. I can tell you that I’m a big believer in having the right people on the team and the team at Langmuir is second to none and I get to work on something I’m passionate about!

Cheers :beers:

Welcome aboard @Langmuir-Cody. Nice to see a higher up in management using the products they help to make and sell. If you have a chance, i have a few ideas that could inprove the crossfire. Ive been using mine for a while now and have found some minor shortcomings.


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Welcome to the fun side of the business. The forum is where you can go to wash & dry your brain when you’ve had one too many meetings or Zoom calls :smiley: Always a good place to see what real people are doing with your products.

You’ll find a very high percentage of original Langmuir Crossfire owners are still active here. And many who have kept upgrading and getting the new products. That says an awful lot for what Daniel and his team built. We bought the promise and haven’t ever been let down in the years since.

Glad to see someone who has some of the same passions as the customers.


Congratulations Cody. What happened to Mike? A larger role in both companies I hope?
Nevertheless I love your products… I own a MR1 and Crossfire Pro.


@Langmuir-Cody Welcome to the Forum and Congratulations on your new role.


Thanks! I sent you a PM.

You are absolutely right! Although, since taking this role my number of Zoom calls has gone down considerably! Both teams are very focused on getting things done without meetings!

I couldn’t agree more, Daniel and Mike are still on the team and are getting to focus on what’s next for Langmuir while I pick up more of the administrative side. You won’t be let down in the future either!


Thank you, Mike is still the CEO of Langmuir just as Jim is at ShopSabre. I’m working with both of them to unload the strategic and administrative side of each business so that they can focus on innovation and what’s next. I wouldn’t have wanted the job if Mike, Danny, and Jim weren’t involved. All of them are fantastic people to work with.


Glad to hear that. Wish you all the luck in your endeavors.

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A CNC controlled Kegerator?


Welcome…Pro and twin arcflats AND ShopSabre owner…glad to hear reasonably priced clamping options are coming…you did say reasonably priced right :slight_smile: .

And FWIW I was sad that the ShopSabre promised forum never materialized because as you noted, these forums are a great.

Cannot wait to hear about the next innovation.


Impressive that you spent the time to connect with the customer and people doing the work. I coach executives all the time who struggle with such a simple thing.

That being said a product that competes with the amateurs at OneFinity and Carbide3D would be nice…

M&A - Masso… top of the list

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Thank you! It’s always great to meet someone who is using products from both companies.

From what I’m told there was a ShopSabre forum many years ago. Unfortunately, the majority of customers didn’t love it because their employees would spend time on it instead of working. It’s tough to please everyone!

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I have been a member here for almost 3 years…love this place and love the abaility to help and find information easier…
As a prevoius business owner I understand the problems of forums and staff and alocating time…but keeping 1 or 2 people here for support is a great resource…also possibly providing a few senior members of great support and experiance some basic levels of admin to help clean up the forum might help Langmuir provide a more detailed level of search and help to others who come here to look for help.