Saving designs on external hard drive 360

Hi all. I have the personal use CF 360. Can I save designs on an external hard drive? If so how? Thanks in advance. I admire you all…

You can export an F3D or you can export the dxf of a sketch.

Here is a thread where @JDE shows how.

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Thanks Pony. More detail; I have a design that I tool pathed for plasma cutter (27 feet of line) It cut out and looks awesome. I want to take the tooled design and save it to an external hard drive. Personal use Fusion limits me to save 10 designs in the Fusion program. I dont want to delete the 10 projects I have in Fusion. Can I save/move one or all of the designs that have been toolpathed to an external drive and bring anyone of them back into fusion to post for cutting?

export as *.f3d files wherever you want and all your work goes with the file

Many thanks also. I will give it a try. “and to think I paid for this headache” :slight_smile:

NP you can also export your tool library too

I thought it was 10 "active " files , I believe you can archive many “inactive” files.


I’ll second what Tin said. You will see below each file there is an option to make it read only. You can activate or deactivate(mark read only) as often as you want so long as you only have 10 active files.

But can you archive (export to HD) Read Only files? I know you have to open the file to archive, I just don’t remember if you can do that to Read only files.