Safety Glasses and correct filtered lens to use

The Razorweld Plasma Cutter Manual mentions to use shaded filtered protection but I am not seeing the correct filter number in the manual. Does anyone know where I can find this information?

Never mind, kinda of prematurely asked this question, it is on page 11. However, now it raises a new question on the correct shade number to use per amperage?

I think most are using shade 5.

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The higher the amps on a plasma cutter the higher the shade #. Razoweld 45 you can use a shade #5 for the 45 amps

use shade 5 for plasma cutting.
shade 3 for torch
shade 10+ for welding. I use 11. over the years i kept finding myself squinting while welding, went to 11 and i no longer have to squint.


This is from Lincoln


To everyone who replied to this topic. Thank you for the quick response.