Rnr motion card not found an please wait generating path

Hi I just got my xl put together plug into laptop wont do nothing. Can’t jog it .say rnr motion card not found the green light is on where usb is plug in .been missing with it for 5 hrs .try an load a load a g code an it just says please wait generating path .any help :pray:

did you purchase the gen2 2x2? if so, you need to use firecontrol. Mach3 is for the original 2x2 CF’s prior to about 6 months ago.

I’m not sure if its a gen2 it does not say anywhere. I order it in November an I receive it in January 2021 been busy doing stuff just now getting it put together. I been following the YouTube instructions.

Mike we need some information to help.
Like nicaDd said which table do you have pro with thc or standard ?

Change your usb cord for a new one.

You can not load any gcode some fodesxare made for certain machines

Its just the cross fire xl its not the pro

if the control box has an extra Y axis port that’s covered up, then it’s the gen2 and you need to use firecontrol.

What software are you using on your computer ?

Ok I just downloaded the firecontrol program im in the house now .it looks alot different is there a video that tells you how to use it .thanks for the help to

Its a windows pc its a msi laptop. I just downloaded the firecontrol program ill try it tomorrow. Thanks everyone for the help so far

I’m just trying to run the break in program. I’ll try again tomorrow an let you’ll know what happens :+1:

OK…we will help some more.
nest time you need help…make sure you give us the full following information

Table is the 2x2 crossfire new edition
you are running FireControl
you are using a laptop
you do not have Torch Height Control

now you will need to find a design software to make things…

then you will need a program to take the pattern and make a TAP file or gcode…this is a post processor and the 2 best suited are Sheetcam…free version is very limited but it does not cost alo.
the oher is Fusion360…it is both a design software and a post processor…but can be very confusing

Inkscape for designing is pretty easy and it is free for design…

the program

I been practicing on fusion 360 watching the YouTube videos hopefully I can figure that out when it comes time .I’ll probably be back on here tomorrow nite asking more ? Thanks for the help

no problem…glad to help…just keep in mind…some people call it conFusion360 for a reason.

that is why I design in CAD or in Inkscpe and post process in Sheetcam

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I got it to run the break in program. Trying to setup a tool in confusion 360 an its not even close to there video. Should I delete it an get sheetcam I already loaded Inkscape :thinking:

Tool library - create a tool - Software / Fusion 360 - CAM - Langmuir Systems Forum

That will show you how to make a tool.

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Thanks that work.got it to right program saved it to file but got to file an it says it failed to load .had enough for tonite

I got the tool made an got a cut path made but can’t get it to save in a file. Says file failed

Have you installed the post process file into fusion yet from langmuirs downloads?

No I don’t think so there videos are outdated. So is there instructions some where.thanks for your help again

You’ll have to go here CAD/CAM with Fusion360 | Langmuir Systems and go through the cam portion of it.
You’ll also have to go to there download page and download the right post processor to use in fusion.