Ripped Spindle Drive Belt

So has anyone else had this issue? Machine threw the drive belt tonight.

This the belt part number. Langmuir should be able to get you one but also can just order one online.
Has for the belt failing early is usually do to other issue, belt was loose or to tight or spindle bearing failing. Best to get a email sent to Langmuir tech support.

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Thanks sent them an email - hopefully they can ship one soon. Haven’t been able to find that exact one online yet. BTW, you’re belt looks like it’s in much better shape than mine :slight_smile:

I had this happen last week. I ordered a 310 5M belt from amazon and it fit fine. I also made the countersinks deeper in the cover plate that the motor attaches to as I didn’t like that the motor sat on the bolt heads. My spindle is quieter now.


Great tip! I’ll get it ordered and check those countersink depths before a reinstall! Thanks Bill :slight_smile:

I asked LS about the motor sitting on top of the screw heads and they said it was fine. Weird design choice.

May want to check the parallel alignment between shaft pulleys. My machine pulleys were wayyy out of angular alignment due to the protruding screw heads and poorly machined surfaces.