Reversed X, Y, and Z directions? - SOLVED

Jogging Z+ should raise my z-axis towards the ceiling, but in my case, Z+ lowers to the cutting surface and Z- raises to the ceiling. I can’t run any program as G38.2 Z-5.0 raises the axis until it tops out, spins its gears, and sounds the alarm.

How did I manage to reverse this, or did I, and how can it be corrected?

In fact, every axis is reversed. Jogging -Z, -X-, and -Y buttons move in the positions indicated by the red arrows of this picture.

Here is a video of the break-in file. Note where the torch is on the table as FireControl believes this is the X0 Y0 point.

@noboost4you Just to clarify if you push the right arrow key on your keyboard in FireControl, does the torch carriage move along the X-axis gantry towards the warning sticker side of the gantry?

No. Right arrow brings the carriage towards the electronics enclosure. Sending pictures of the drivers to the support ticket now.

@noboost4you Ok thank you! Fortunately there is a way to switch the directions so we can get you taken care of after we take a look.

Pictures were sent. If you need any other angles, please let me know.

@noboost4you I just responded to you. This should fix you quick! Sorry again for the mistake on our end.

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@langmuir-mike Thank you for the quick help. Switching those wires on all four drivers did the trick. I was able to successfully run a program.


Thanks for the follow-up. Good luck!

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I have the same problem . if I jog left it moves Right . If I jog Right it moves towards the left . I’m not at the shop at the moment but I believe the same problem is happening on the X axes . Arrow down torch goes up. Arrow up torch goes down .

I have this issue with the Y axis. The negative arrow moves the Y axis to the back of the table, The Positive moves it to the front. This does not appear to be correct per the assembly instructions.

Any idea what the fix is?

I received the following message from Customer Support, and it fixed the issue. I thought I would post it here in case anyone has the same issue and stumbles across this thread.

Yes, that is the reverse of the way that it is supposed to jog. Positive Y should move towards the back of the machine, negative Y should move towards the front of the machine. You can correct this by switch the polarity of the Y-axis step drivers.

Remove the lid from the electronics enclosure, then identify the Y-axis step drivers by backtracing the Y-axis motor ports on the outside of the enclosure. The step drivers are the black and green components that connect to the motors. The Y-axis step drivers should be the two that are directly underneath the motion control board.

You will notice that the wires connected to the step drivers are color-coded. The red and green wired connected to the pins labeled A- and A+ determine the direction of travel. You can use a flathead screwdriver to loosed the red and green wire in each Y-axis step driver. Switching the orientation, in other words plugging the red wire where the green wire was, plugging the green wire where the red wire was, will reverse the travel direction of that motor.