Resting Voltage higher than expected

Currently in contact with support but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions
i am getting an error of resting voltage to high when doing the test in the thc module.
THC wired raw, voltage out of plasma cutter and vim box are good.
Nothing changes when unplugging IHS and THC. The electronics unit is isolated from the machine and went as far as removing it from the frame. Tried 2 different laptops and a desktop. Followed the troubleshooting flow chart exactly and we ordered and installed a new control/thc board with no luck still.
Waiting to hear back from support but was curious if anyone had any tips.

welcome to the forum…
some basic information will help everyone get you through this…

  • what plasma cutter are you hooked into?
  • is this a new Pro table or an OG with the upgrade?
  • are all your cables organized and not hanging in loops or piled on top of eachother?