Removing backgrounds from pictures

Hi, I was wondering what everyone’s using to remove background of pictures with. people sends me pictures of something they want but if it has anything other then a white background I struggle with it. I use inkscape and sheetcam, but with inkscape when I “trace bitmap”, no matter how much I change the “brightness threshold” the background still shows.

Photoshop elements $99 or GIMP free. Both have a learning curve but both will do what you want…

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Thank you so much.

I’d look into Affinity Photo. It is $50 for lifetime purchase and VERY capable photo editing tool. LOTS of great tutorials on how to use it.
I used in on this project and it was great!

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@shanebruce - Take a look at Cutter. It is part of Photo Studio.

Scroll down to find Cutter and download it.

I’ve found that bit map tracing is only most useful on very simple images or already generated drawings that Are only in png or jpg format. I trace a lot of stuff manually. It ends up for the best because I have less nodes in the final product.

If you need any help with something send me a message.

Hi felich, do I download photo studio first?. I googled photo studio, but there are all kinds to pick from.

@shanebruce -

Click on this link. The whole package is $49.

Thank you. I bought a 1 year subscription.

Have you checked on Mixbook coupons? because they have numerous tools and software, I also avail service from there by using coupons, and it’s not much costly too, I hope it will help you in future.

this looks like an advertising spam…

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