Retirement Gift for Canyonlands Park Superintendent

A very good friend of mine, who has a very close association with Canyonlands National Park, realized, after seeing that I had a CNC Plasma cutter, that we could make a nice gift for the current Park Superintendent who is retiring next week.

He suggested that a silhouette of Druid Arch, a difficult to find, but very imposing natural arch, would be appropriate. Fortunately I had a fairly nice and high contrast photo of the arch that I took on a trip in 2005. So…
Here’s the arch:

and here is the gift:



That’s a super one of a kind gift. Excellent choice of photo to yield what will be instantly recognizable to him.

Thanks, but a minor yet important correction is that it is a ‘her’, Kate Cannon, National Park Superintendent for the last 14 years. This was fun to do both because it was a fun project and, through my friend, I’ve had a pretty good association with Canyonlands for the last 20 or so years. Consequently, I was MORE than willing to do this!


Camped at Canyonlands this past summer on my way back from Seattle and Glacier NP. Was the only one of the big five I’ve not been to - was glad to get there finally. Beautiful place! And a very fine gift!

Yeah, nice place to visit. Been there several times, the last trip was a bit crazy, however, with 10 of us going in for 10 days. The ages ranged from 8 to 80, with the 80 year old guiding us! The trip was our birthday present to the 80 year old…
Here’s one of the vehicles almost packed…