Removal of hypertherm torch cable circular pins

First time starting a topic, Got a new table assembled and just working on last step…

Trying to remove hypertherm 45XP torch cable circular pins for a hand torch to machine torch conversion.
Tried to do this as per NTK FabWorks table setup with drain tank and Hypertherm wiring explained using the Jonard R-5926 pin removal tool and broke it off with a chunk still remaining.

Seemed like the OD was a bit too big and ID also too big to release the pins properly.

Any ideas on what brand the pins are? I am thinking its not Amphenol as that is what the Jonard was. It looks most like weather pack when looking at automotive store:

I am also suspecting harting and Mill STD as a possibility when looking at a pin removal tool chart on amazon.



Also maybe the pins are weidmueller or ABB Pos-E-Kon. Seems like there are 4 barbs inside and the amphenol and weather pack ones i have seen so far only seem to have 2 barbs…

Maybe i was wrong about amphenol: AMP TE connectivity is looking very similar… Still not sure if correct

I can’t speak to the model/size of pins, but I can say pin-poppers are tricky to use. To work effectively you have to be able to push the wires from the back of the connector to relieve pressure on the retaining tabs. Sometimes I’ve had to use a dental tool or poker of some kind to push against the back of the pin as the wire isn’t stiff enough to push the pin free. Then slide the pin-popper down over the tabs and into the connector far enough to bypass the retaining ring. Then you can pull the wire free.

Thanks, jdr2710 by pushing in the back I was able to get some out but seemed to damage them with the Jonard R-5926. Got a AMP 305183 extraction tool today that works way better and seems to hardly damage the pins. I use a small allen key to push them back in till the 1st click.

I’m happy my 35 year old USAF training was able to help!


What’s the estimated cost savings doing this vs buying a machine torch?

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Brownfox, i already had a hand torch, a hypertherm 20’ machine torch is $650 USD to buy.

Right, you say you’re converting a hand torch into a machine torch. What’s the cost saving on this? Are you using a hypertherm machine torch for the conversion?

I think what he’s doing is moving the pins in his hand torch, so he can use the Langmuir CPC cable without having to purchase a machine torch. The savings being the entire cost of a machine torch.

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Ah that makes sense. I didn’t click the link because I thought I remembered how NTK had done his. I had read his thread as I was picking my setup.

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