Red Arrows in outer space Need help with Contour Selection

These red arrows are ridiculous. I can’t tell when it will cut inside or out because it puts the red arrow out in space, seemingly unrelated to the are I am trying to cut…
Can you help me understand which of these is inside and which is outside, and how to tell the difference?

the c shape make it harder to see .

look at this example

the toolpath is developed on the same side as the arrow.



Maybe something about my settings makes it more difficult to see? Could it be because I extruded the sketch then went to create the tool paths?

Is the arrow placed relative to the line I was closest to when I first placed it? so in my example, the red arrow is relative to the outside curve of the letter C?

If it’s on a line then it’ll be which side of the line that arrow is on is the side of the toolpath will end up getting created.

But you typically have a central line tool path when cutting a straight up line so it’s kind of a moot point.

Your first click on it would likely automatically make it cut out the inside hole first because it does face detection.

You can always generate it to a path to double check.

The shape of the c itself is making it weird ,optically .if it was a rectangle or any other shape I’m sure it would be very obvious

its not just the “C” other small shapes have the same problem, such as the detail on the butterfly on the GNOME hat in this thread.
There has got to be a better way to select contour lines - Software / Fusion 360 - CAM - Langmuir Systems Forum

Maybe Fusion is just not the right program for making tool paths. You cant see what it will do until you commit to a step that renders the work you did creating the tool path not editable… The typical advice is to zoom in, but even at max zoom then the arrow is not placed on the screen so thats no help either. Surely there is something better or better way.

The problem that we go through with the gnome hat is a different problem. The gnome we’re dealing with contours that will not generate tool paths because of it all not being able to fit in the smaller geometry.

Is the problem you’re having that you’re not able to generate toolpaths at all for some of the shapes?

One is whether you’re selecting the inside or outside of geometry which 99% of the time is not a problem because you just create from selecting your extruded face and an automatically figures all that out.

Isometric view can sometimes give you a little bit better view if you do feel like manually selecting all your contours.

Every aspect of the tool path is edible after the fact.

The only time I ever come across needing to manipulate the arrows is with single line cutting.

If you were design is already extruded your first click which produces the red arrow should put the arrow on the correct side automatically because it is aware of what is inside and outside.

How many separate tool paths are you creating for your design?

Humm… I missed something important.

So you can finish generating a tool path, preview or simulate it and then go back and switch one of the red arrows to the other side? That would be huge.

To answer your question, no it creates the tool path for the letter “c” I just struggle with the edit process, but maybe you have given the answer in that every aspect is editable…

I just extrude the part to make it a couple mm thick and then when you are planning a tool path choose individual lines and inside/outside becomes redundant.

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This essentially was the key to moving forward…I dont know how I got it in my head that I could only delete and re-create them…I still think the red arrow stuff is really dumb, but really appreciate the help!

I think there’s a video out there somewhere that says that toolpaths are not editable. I too labored under that misimpression for a while until I saw the toolpath out of date warning/message and was able to regenerate it. I think you saw it somewhere and it stuck in your head like it did mine!