RazorWeld X45 Torch Consumables

Hello All,

I’m new to plasma cutting and purchased the Crossfire kit with the Razorweld 45 (with X45 torch).

Does anyone know of a good place to buy X45 torch consumables? Or can I just use HyperTherm consumables?

I noticed the CrossRef numbers in the manual are HT consumables, however there is a N/A in the CrossRef for the Retaining Cap. Can I use the HT 45XP retaining cap and swirl ring as replacements?

Any expert advice would be greatly appreciated.

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@gamblegarage here on the forum is the guy to go to.

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I’m also needing this info!

I thought it just used Hypertherm consumables? If that’s the case you should be able to pick them up at your local welding store. should be the same price everywhere… I think.

If I remember correctly they do NOT use ALL the Hypertherm consumables, some are dealer only to keep from patient infringement cases. This is a copy of the PM45 torch not the PM45XP.

I will have the consumables for the X45 torch in stock in about 2 weeks. If you would like to contact me with your order before I send in my order.

Hey Mechanic416, I just purchased the Razorweld X45 bundle. Will be here in a couple weeks. I would like to buy some consumables so I am ready in case I need them. I don’t like to wait until they go bad to order. (got a machine to pay for, lol)
I have read that you are the guy to go to for consumables. Can I get some prices, etc? Thanks
Not sure how to message someone directly on these forums.

Just click on my picture, my contact info is their.

First thing is to make sure you have a X45 torch as a lot of people are not getting that torch with their bundle.

All Razorweld 45 machines that we sell with the bundle come with the X45 torch. However, we sold a LOT of bundles before we made the switch with the old torch.

Its advertised as the X45. I just got it last week. I do need to order some consumables, as trial and error has about burnt what came with it. Looking on your ebay sight, only found 1 item specifically for the X45. A CNC tip. Is the 45 the same consumables?

Great. Thanks. I tried link earlier and it didn’t have the “add to cart” button.


This is probably a dumb question but how do you know if you have the X45 or not? I ordered my table in May, the plasma machine came a bit after that and the table was delivered in July. I am going to attach a picture of the torch that was sent with my machine because it doesn’t really look like the pictures of either torch. Thank you in advance!

That is one of the X45 torch’s. There is two X45 torch’s.

Thank you!!

Do you have a link for your ebay page where we can buy consumables for the X45?

Yes, go to post #19 its their.

where is the link to buy consumables for my x45 torch?

post #9 the post is expired!!

Your right they have been moved.