Razorweld X45 Machine Torch?

Anyone make this yet? Or have one in stock?

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The answer to your question is Yes they do make one and Yes I have them in stock.

What is the price for one?

Price is $384.99 + shipping

Member [shaunlb] will have his and set up this week.

Nice thing about this torch is it can be used on any plasma cutter with a euro connector up to 105 amps. So you can upgrade your plasma cutter and use this torch.

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Do you have any pictures of this torch?

Sure I have pictures of the torch.

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So, this torch combined with my Razorweld 45. How much better should my cuts be compared to my current machine torch utilizing a PT60 machine torch and S45 consumables?

I fully understand, I am still constrained by the limits of my machine and my current knowledge of adjustments, machine settings, etc.
That being said, I’m always looking to improve tooling where I can.
Are the benifits of this torch better quality consumables and product availability?
My current cut is , ok, it can always be improved with height adjustment and branded consumables but Im always looking to reduce dross. Who isn’t?
Im interested in this torch because, eventually I would like to step up to a hypertherm 45x and as I understand, the consumables will transfer over.

I am working on getting the torch connected up and working by the middle of this week for a test run. I have been working 12 hour days at a location that is an hour away from home so if it wasn’t for that I would have had it rolling already.

I will post a video of it doing its thing as soon as I get it up and running. :slight_smile: I will try to give it an adequate operational test to show off its capabilities. Thank you George @mechanic416 for giving me the opportunity to test it.The torch looks very well made and should perform well!


Thank you Shaun. I get the work schedule… Doing the same myself.

First of all if your using a PTM60 you should NOT be using S45 consumables.

Ok I have run my first test with the torch and I like it quite a bit. I have some finessing to do in regards to feeds and speeds. My dross was heavy due to going too slow. The torch came with 45 amp tips. I was running at 30A at around 103 ipm. Way to slow for how this torch was cutting 14ga mild steel. Might have to talk to George @mechanic416 about that a little bit. Overall quality is good though. My kerf was reasonable and not overly noticeable based on my eye ball of .035 away from the plate and the slow speed. The quality and overall build of the torch is top notch. Swapped it for my old torch in a matter of minutes. Detail on the work piece was good for the size of a 45Amp nozzle orifice and the 9 inch size of my artwork. Best part is its shielded, fully adjustable for the amperage of the razorweld45 and the consumables are easy to remove. Looking forward to installing this on my pro. Also, these are Steve Abner’s custom made machine torch holders @Lil_Abners_Kustoms


This torch or the PT60

That’s the UPM105 torch he has.

I have been using the feeds and speeds directly from the Hypertherm Powermax45 manual with phenomenal success the first time, every time. I haven’t tried cutting aluminum yet, but so far everything for mild steel and stainless has been perfect regardless of the material thickness.

They recommend always running at 45A with a .06" cutting height, and the only thing that really changes is the pierce delay and the feed speed.

I have attached a link to an excerpt of that manual that only has the cut charts in it below. I hope that helps you some!

Powermax45 Cut Chart


I meant which to upgrade to the PTM60 machine torch
Or X45 machine torch

That would be up to you. They both have their pros and cons. If you need more info on both torch’s please give me a call.

Are there fine consumables available for the x45 machine torch?

No there is only one cutting tip for that torch.

Unless you want to buy a complete set of consumables for the Powermax 30, electrodes, nozzles, swirl ring and retaining cup. That will give you 30 amp consumables.

Did you fabricate the torch mount?