X45 Torch Upgrade - Conclusion

Hello all,

A few months ago, I posted a question about the possibility of swapping the new Powermax45 (X45) style torch head into the IPT/S45 style torch assembly originally supplied with the Razorweld plasma cutter. That thread got a little off track, so I thought I would make a new thread with a summary of what I found. For reference, I’ll put the link to the original thread below:

Upgrade Razorweld 45 To New X45 Torch?

In short, the answer is no, the IPT/S45 style torch assembly cannot be retrofitted with the new X45 torch head. I was able to order a replacement head from Jasic, and when I tried to install it in the handle, there were two things not allowing it to be assembled:

  • There is a difference in the connection style of the shielding gas line in the handle. The original torch head has a crimp on soft line where the X45 head has an inverted flare fitting.
  • There is no lead wire for the pilot arc on the X45 head like there is on the IPT head.

Take a look at the picture below so you can see the differences yourself.

After realizing that the torch head I was sold would not fit in my application, the guys at Jasic were kind enough to offer a new X45 torch assembly if I would send in my original torch. So, I did and I just received the new torch. I have to say, the difference in cut quality is simply astounding!

The picture below shows the edge of 3 cuts through 1/4" mild steel plate, using the same g-code, the same plate, and everything else the same. The only differences are as follows:

  • Left most piece is using slightly worn out 0.9mm S45 consumables
  • Middle piece is using brand new 0.9mm S45 consumables
  • Right piece is using the new X45 torch assembly

While I can’t say that I would go through the trouble of upgrading to another handheld torch for this machine, I would strongly suggest switching to a machine torch that uses the Hypertherm Powermax45 style consumables! My machine has never cut cleaner, straighter, and with less dross than now.

That’s all for now. Happy fabricating everyone!

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wow that’s just crazy how clean that cut is.

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so where would you get a x45 style machine torch for the razorweld then?

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He got it from JASIC.
it’s in his post above.

Unfortunately, the torch I got is another hand torch, just like the X45 torch now supplied with the Razorweld from Langmuir.

I believe they are selling that torch for roughly $300, so if you have to pay that price you might as well pay a little more and get a machine torch and a mount to properly hold it vertical.

I’m not sure where to go about getting one with a plug for the Razorweld, but I think I remember seeing some vendors on here selling torches with plug adapters for the Razorweld.

If I’m wrong and that’s not an option, then getting one of these hand torches is still a huge upgrade in cutting quality, I’m just not sure I could justify the cost…

X45 CNC machine torch’s will be in stock in a few weeks for the Razorweld 45.

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Does anyone know for sure what type of torch connector the Razor Weld cut 45 has to attach the torch to the machine. To me it looks like a Trafimet P/NPAS306M-304-BA3. I would like to find a machine torch that will fit my machine.

Yes, it has the Euro central connector . The PTM60 or UPM105 (X45 machine torch) from Tecmo will work well on the Razorweld 45.

Appreciate the reply Mechanic416. I will look into those 2 .

I posted an update on my experience with the torch sold by George (Mechanic416) Follow the link below to see cut quality and torch layout.

Keep in mind that the X45 torch is a copy of a 25 year old Hypertherm torch design (expired patents…with the exception of the nozzle and shield). So, with this upgrade you are bringing your air plasma technology up to about 1996. Want better cut quality, better consumable life, faster cut speeds, accurate cut charts for all thicknesses and material types, the best factory support in the industry, made in USA (by employees that own 100% of the company? Just buy the Powermax45XP with a machine torch. Cost more to buy, far less expensive to use, so the total cost of ownership is lower. The Duramax torch design as used on the Powermax 45XP (and 65, 85 and 105) has features that improve torch head reliability, improve cut speed, cut edge angularity, minimize dross and improve consumable life over the earlier design (that was copied by Tecmo). Just a suggestion…a much easier solution than having to experiment!

Other advantages to using the whole Hypertherm system are: Higher power (wattage) power supply output that allows thicker cutting and higher duty cycle at the same amperage output), 3 year power supply warranty, gouging and marking processes and consumables, cnc machine interface port, optional serial cnc machine port, extremely complete service and operators manuals, over 50 years of plasma cutting experience (Hypertherm was founded in 1968) Jim Colt


Jim, you for got to put this in your add.

Only use original Hypertherm consumables if you want to get the best performance out of your plasma cutter and consumables.


I would have put that in if my post was intended as an add. You can buy parts of plasma systems and put them together and hope they will work well…or you can buy a complete system…where the torch and power supply and consumables are designed together to work with each other by the same engineering team. The point I was trying to make…… Jim


What consumables are you currently using in the X45 torch?