Razorweld X45 Consumables

I know there are other threads about the consumables but im still clueless as to which ones to get.

I’m brand new to this and havent made any cuts yet.
I’m mostly going to be working with 3/16 mild steel.
I bought a 60 gallon air compressor and a water trap and all that goodness.

So i was looking for some help on how to get started and which consumables I should get.
I can’t find where to get the right kerf setting and all the other settings.

Thanks for any help, I will greatly appreciate it.

As far as getting the RIGHT consumables, that will all depend on what torch you have. There is a bit of confusion on torch’s that come on the Razorweld 45.

It’s the new x45 torch

Do these look like what you are looking for.

They are all in stock and listed here https://www.ebay.com/str/plasmacuttermart

Just wanted to give a shout out to mechanic416, I ordered consumbables from his ebay store last Thursday or Friday(Oct.3/4) and got them today(Oct. 7). Quick shipping and everything looks exactly like I expected.

I’m still not sure if I’d be better off ordering some hypertherm consumables or just sticking with the oem stuff. I can’t complain about the originals, they are still going strong even with my less than optimal moisture control.

Are the consumables for the x45 the same as the power max 45 or the 45xp?

If you are going to use the powermax 45 ( the 45XP don’t fit ) consumables you really need to buy them all to get the best out of them. this means electrodes, nozzles/tips, swirl ring, retaining cup and shield. DO NOT mix them with the ones on the torch or the original TECMO consumables. Mixing consumables can cause all kinds of cutting problems.

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Good to know. Thanks

mechanic416, I saw your ebay store and bookmarked it

I will not be up and running until mid April (hopefully sooner), doing just cnc work with the razorweld X45, what consumables should I have on hand?

I was thinking to grab a set 5 pc of tips and electrodes to start with as well as a nozzle

Anything else?

No longer available. Where else can I get these?

Fixing to order my machine right now so I just saved this link thanks. Will be making an order very soon I like to have supplies on hand always.

@mechanic416 just to make sure I’m ordering the right parts, the 51923 allows me to cut up big sheets by dragging the torch across the metal ?

Hey gamblegarage! Got my package today. You rock!

That ebay link above says the retaining cup they sell isn’t compatible with the J45H torch (2nd Gen Razorweld Cut 45 - CNC). Does anyone know if combining the ebay listing (sans retaining cap) consumables with the retaining cap that langmuir sells will make a complete set? Does the retaining cap get consumed?

Related but perhaps a bit of a different topic, should I have differently sized consumables for the J45H torch for different power settings? I’m wanting to cut some 1/2" steel and from the cut charts I’ve found for folks using S45 tips they recommend different sizes for different power settings but it looks like the J45H consumables are already rated to 45A?


The consumables from the ebay add will work, but the retaining cup will not. No there is no other size cutting tip for the J45H torch, only one size for all your cutting.

It is not a S45 torch.

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So can anyone supply me with a diagram for the j45h gun as well as j45xc-4, im having a hard time ordering the right ones TY friends

Search amazon and ebay. There are a lot of Chinese sellers that have them, the torch’s are all chinese.

I am guessing that Razorweld wants to sell plasma cutters and the torch’s they were using they can’t get because of the virus lock downs. So they are getting what ever torch’s they can get from every were in China that will make them or has them.

This is going to make buyers have to search for consumables or get them from Razorweld if they even have them.

Also Razorweld has used 6 different torch’s on their plasma cutters in the last 3 years and 4 in the last 5 months.

those ebay links are no good again.

anyone have hypertherm part number equivalents ?

Try these…
They are cheaper, but fit the RW45x torch. There is a selection button on the Ebay page to see tips, shields, retainer cap(which does fit by the way), drag shield, swirl ring, electrodes. Price make replacing them every couple of jobs affordable. I get 2500 pierces out of a set. And had a crash that bent the retainer. the spare I bought on ebay fit perfect.

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Has anyone wired a Vipercut 30 to the Crossfire Pro? I was told by Langmuir that the Vipercut 30 would work with the table (I have one already and love it).