Razorweld X45 Consumables - Nozzle tip options?

I have searched on this forum and keep finding reference to .8MM-1.0MM tips for the X45 Torch but when on look on Langmuirs store offerings it is just a 5 pack of nozzles with no reference to size / MM.

From some references (searching) on this forum I also looked on ebay at the following consumables (link 1) but again no reference to size and they also have "fine cut consumables at the link2 below. I emailed the seller but their reply was not very enlightening so hoping someone here can help a newbie demystify what consumables to buy and use when?

I am cutting a range of steel from 22 gauge to 3/8 and then some aluminum in the 22-16 gauge range. Many thanks!

Link 1
10pc x Plasma Cutter 51206 Tips + 52574 Electrodes Razorweld X45 | eBay

Link 2
Razorcut X45 Plasma Torch Fine Cut Consumables 51204 51925 PowerMax 45 Parts | eBay

@JoeMX82 @mechanic416 will know

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There is only one size cutting tip for the X45 torch Tecmo (Italy) number 51206. It is a 1.0mm/50 amp cutting tip with a .040" orifice hole.

Thank you for the reply - can you help me understand then if I am cutting on a much lower amperage (say 25amp) some thin material then these tips are still acceptable? I cannot adjust the airpressure on the Razorweld so the only adjust it seems I have is amps and IPM? Anything else I should be thinking of?

Turning the amps down is fine but you have to remember that the kerf is going to stay the same at all amps about .050". So trying to do fine detail work on thin metal does not work well.

Thanks again - are you familiar with the second link I posted above (fine consumables) seems the seller makes these and thus wondering if those should be used for thinner / finer cuts?

I can not comment on those. You use them at your own risk

anyone have experience / success with using Hypertherm 45 consumables? Its sounding more like this plasma cutter is too limited so looking to see if people have figured out how to tune it