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If you purchased a RazorWeld plasma cutter from us and find that you are having issues that require technical assistance, please contact sales@razorweld.com. They are typically very responsive and eager to help their customers.



Do you know if they will be releasing a recommended cutting chart? Or if they already have one? I noticed there wasn’t one in the box.

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I’ve reached out to them twice now with no response. My razorweld 45 has not produced a clean cut yet. Randomly it will not fire, it typically works but every once in a while it just won’t fire, the air will blow but that’s it. Then it will start working again…pretty strange. My cuts are extremely angled, more so than any of the other images that were uploaded and the slag on the back side is horrible. I am using a water table as well. I ordered a sub micronic air filter and am ordering new tips to see if this will help. Do you have a direct contact with razorweld other than the above mentioned email?


My torch blows out on a right angle. You can the tip of the nozzle is blow out to one side.

make sure your electrode is tight

Anyone know how thick of aluminum the Vipercut 30 can cut? I saw in the specs that it can cut 1/4" mild steel but I didnt see anything about other materials.

it’s rated for 1/4" steel … however it can cut thicker…much thicker. However you will exceed the duty cycle and it’s not recommended for long cuts or frequent cuts. For some smaller cuts here and there sure go for it.
I’ve cut 1/2" aluminum and I did a small corner of 3/4" steel and it worked. Severance cut so nothing fancy but it did the job
If you plan on cutting more than 1/4" a lot get a bigger machine

Awesome, thank you very much!

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Just got my razorweld 45 cutting tonight and it will not cut a straight down cut in 1/4”. Running 40 in/min I’ve leveled everything, changed tips, tried different heights, it just cuts crooked!!!


If you are using the nozzles that came with your plasma cutter, you’ll need to limit the amperage to 30 max. Greater than that can permanently distort the nozzle and cause cut edge angularity.

Beyond that, it is important to have dry air supply.

I would recommend browsig the forum, there a few threads dedicated to improving edge angularity with the Razorweld 45.

Is it just me or has the Razerweld website been down for a while now?