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The first thing is to remount the torch so that the clamp on the bottom is over the mechanical part of the torch.


Ensure that the electrode inside the torch is free to move by pushing up on it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lgfXgQTxpsr15HQGfJxaxt6zp45WkrJQ/view?usp=drivesdk

The electrode must be able to move for the pilot arc to initiate.

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Thanks for the info.

Does anyone know the pins for the voltage going out to the torch so I can check the pins for voltage while triggering from the torch connector ? If no voltage (probably) then is there something in the box that can be diagnosed. Are these relays that turn on the voltage or transistors of some type.

Take the cable off to the control box for the torch. With the plasma on, jump out the pins. It is just a switch with no voltage.

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If you get air out of the torch when you try cutting it, then the Langmuir box will work. If the electrode can’t move because you have the bottom clamp so tight it will not fire, There are no transistors or magic stuff. It is just a relay switch. If the plasma cutter fires by jumping out the torch cable, then we will move on.


Thanks. What I was assuming is there must be a voltage somewhere to produce the arc right?

The hand torch doesn’t work either. So I don’t think this is a torch issue with the clamp but I will adjust it as you said

Jump out the cable with a paper clip or something like that. If it fires, the plasma cutter is not the issue.

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I can jump the torch trigger 2 pin connector and get air only. Langmuir box can trigger this input no problem as well as a piece of wire. The hand torch’s triggers air also. Nothing produces arc though.

I have one more question, and I will start watching Fox News. Will the plasma work without anything hooked to it, just like a normal plasma cutter?


Disconect everything from the plasma cutter to the table. Install the hand torch. make sure all the consumables are installed. pull the trigger it should pilot arc. If not check the air on the gauge with air flowing from the torch it need to be 60psi or more. Hook the work clamp on a scrap piece of metal and with the shield removed from the retaining cup touch the metal with the tip when you pull the trigger. If it does not make a spark the plasma cutter is bad.


No arc. Only air no matter what you do. Either torch type only air.

Disconnect the CNC completely. Use hand torch and only air will trigger. Never seen an arc.

It is simple to trigger the plasma cutter with the 2 pin connector. Same thing as triggering from the hand torch trigger. Only air no matter what method you do.

Thats why I want to trace out the 240 to see if there is a voltage getting to the electrode.

I have dragged both torches over a piece of steel with the clamp. I will do what you said and remove the retaining cup and try

I am assuming that 2 brand new torch’s (machine and hand) will have all the parts installed inside ready to cut but I’ll take them apart again for a second time.

It sounds like you do indeed have a defective Plasma cutter. All these hoops were to eliminate that.

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Multiple tests and no luck between 2 torches. Even tried to drag the exposed electrode on some metal plate with the clamp to test for an arc but no luck. We will see what the service people say but I’d like to send it back and get something else. Many hours down the drain on razorweld.

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What do you think you would get?

Looking at Everlast 62i Cnc

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