Razorweld Razorcut 45 Arrival Estimates

Hi Everyone-

We appreciate your patience as we await the arrival of the bulk of the remaining Razorweld Plasma Cutters. I know we’ve mentioned it elsewhere but Razorweld, as well as most plasma cutter manufacturers, have been dealing with unprecedented delays, shortages, and logistical issues. That said we think there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We have compiled our best estimates on arrival to us for outstanding Razorweld 45 orders. We do our best to turn these around as fast as we can so if there are no additional delays you can reasonably expect a shipping notification around this time. The order numbers stated are not hard cutoffs and should be used for estimating only.

Note: These estimates DO NOT APPLY to Razorweld 45’s reserved with CrossFire XR purchases. These units have been configured exclusively for XR and will ship at the same time as your Batch 1 machine.

  • SHIPPED orders thru ~#25855
  • SHIPPED orders thru ~#26300
  • Mid September: all outstanding (as of 8/26/21)

Again, these are estimates and delays can still happen but we think that moving forward we will put these behind us.

Please reach out to our support team if you have questions about your particular order.

UPDATE 8/26: We have received that the previously expected Late August Shipment should arrive Mid September.


this again shows the dedication the Team at Langmuir goes to providing information and best guess timelines…


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Thank you for the estimated timeline, if it changes, can you please update the list? @langmuirsystems

Will do our best to keep this updated.

Thx for the info and great news for us XR batch 1 buyers. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. It really does mean a lot to know Langmuir is looking out for its customers.

I never received an email about any delays. You would think they would send something. I shouldn’t have to come here for info. If my Plasma ships next month. Thanks for that. But I’m still pretty Pissed that I have to email them for status updates. How hard is it to send out and email and say HI. here the status of the supply issue were are having. I just logged into this forum yesterday for the first time and I placed my order in Feb. This is not great service. Sorry IM not happy



I almost just bought a Powermax 45. They could have mentioned the shipping update yesterday in that email from tech support. glad i didn’t buy it now. I’m sure its a better machine. and for all you who are about to say you would have to wait to get it too. No I found one and I could have had it next week.

Awesome! been curious about this… still haven’t assembled the table so this timeline works for me…i decided to redo the garage since the table required me to run a sub panel and that has taken too long to do. Thanks for the update!

Any updated on schedule , my order is in the low 25000 and have not heard anything for this week yet or have things been delayed again?

sorry low 24000 order number

We have received a large set of plasma cutters and are working on getting them out ASAP. We have updated the estimates above. Some orders will be getting shipping notifications today but most will get them next week.


Are there any new updates?

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@langmuirsystems is there any update about the status of these orders?

The latest update we’ve received puts the remainder of RW45s shipping to customers in mid September. This batch will contain enough cutters to fulfil all outstanding orders.

The oldest International orders 25-26000 range still waiting should be receiving a shipment notification of their full order soon.

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Can we get some sort of update as to when orders that were supposed to ship in July will get box #1?

We expect to resume shipping Box 1’s next week.


We are confident that all outstanding Razorweld Cut45’s will be sent out this month (Sept). We thank everyone for their patience!


Is the plasma cutter included in box number 1 ?

No, it ships on it’s own.

Any updates?