Razorweld firing on its own

Hello all. I am learning and cutting. For some reason when I plug in my computer to get ready to run a program the plasma fires on its own as soon as I turn it on and wont shut off. Any ideas?

Sounds like a bad relay. Check the continuity on the control cable from the table to the torch. I just fought this problem a couple times. Torch would fire any time the table was plugged into the torch. First one lasted a week, langmuir sent me a new relay. Second one lasted a week. Then they sent me an updated relay. So far it’s being going good for a week.

Langmuir just posted a thread about a batch of bad relays (their supplier changed relay suppliers). Just send them a note and they’ll ship out a new one.

Thank you all so much for the help and guidance. I cant express how grateful I am for all of your help.