Razorweld 45amp won't shut from one cut to another

My Razorweld 45amp cuts just fine. but when going from an inside cut to an outside cut, the torch keeps firing until the program is completed.

langmuir-danielCrossFire PRO


Sometime around the beginning of December we began seeing a massive spike in the frequency of torch fire relay failures. In particular, the switched side of the relay stays switched even after commanded to turn off by Mach 3.

We found that our wiring harness manufacturer switched sources for the relay and for whatever reason a percentage of them exhibit the issue described.

If you are experiencing this issue, please send an email to Support@Langmuirsystems.com and we will send you a new wiring harness that includes a relay that does not suffer from the issue described. Maybe this is your issue I do not know. And welcome to the Forum !

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