Razorweld 45 with x45 torch IPMs real world cuts?

I have a razorweld 45 with x45 torch… I know that there is a razorweld cut chart… I would like to know real world IPM numbers. For 14 / 16 / 18 guage IPMs that are good cuts with little or no dross what people have done that has worked good for them ?? Thanks Dave

Keep this in mind. No matter what settings someone gives you it may not work for you.

There are way to many variables like air pressure, air settings, percentage of moisture in your air, water level, work clamp placement, temperature, consumables, elevation, power supply, table setup, etc, etc etc.


What George is saying is, the Razor weld Cut chart will get you in the ball park and you fine tune from there. That cut chart is just that, settings that have worked for other people depending on the variables they had.

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