Razorweld 45 unpredictable cut

I have been frustrated with my results so I put everything to the side for a while until last weekend. I’ve still been having issues with the torch only running the pilot charge. When it does cut, it always cuts at about a 30* angle. I thought it was the consumables so I changed everything… same issue. Thought it was the table so I did some hand cutting… same thing. Had a buddy look at it and he told me to junk it. Did I waste $800? Right now my table is a few days from being put up forsale because of this. I need it to cut rc pulling weights that dont have a huge profit margin so, buying a new cutter would negate the saving of doing it myself. My results of contacting razorweld have been far less than stellar.

Can you post pics of the issue your having

Many of use are using the Razorweld 45 successfully so it’s likely to be a localized problem you’re having. That’s good because it should be fixable.

You said you only get the pilot arc and cuts are angled and that you see the same thing hand cutting.

Are you not getting the plasma firing in either case? What material we’re you attempting to cut? What was your power setting? Was it properly grounded with the clamp on the material itself when you tried cutting by hand?

I tried 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4" steel. Ground was connected directly to the material and the pieces were only 12x12. Grounding area was ground clean. It will fire plasma most of the time. The biggest problem is the arc cutting at an angle (dont have a picture right now). Its cutting at such and angle that its damaging the guide ring.

Can you post a pic of the head with the torch shield off? It sounds like the tip or swirl ring is misaligned. You’ve got a dessicant air dryer on it right?

Are you using the stock tips (0.8mm) only at 30A or lower and 1.0mm ones when pushing more than 30A?

I have a cut45 as well however I am using the hypertherm style torch.

It sounds like you are a new plasma user (like myself). I too was very frustrated at first and still am here and there.

Like all things, this is another skill in the metal working family and requires time to learn about. That said, post up some pictures of your consumables and before you do that, drop a call to Jasic. Though their product may be made overseas, their customer service is based in the USA and a human being picks up the phone not even a computer prompt. They are phenomenal to deal with and will surely replace your entire torch at no cost if it is an issue with their product.

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You read lots of threads on here about issues with the razorweld cutter. I think they’re sub par grade equipment and really newbies should be aware of their issues. They’re half price of the main US manufacturers and I think in this instance you get what you pay for. Some have gotten by with no issues whatsoever but I’d be very leery

While I am sure a hypertherm machine overall is superior, I do not think sub par is necessarily the case.

Majority of people like myself buying a 50% the cost or less hobby machine, are inexperienced new users. We are learning what to look for and how to use the machine, assuming something is wrong when operator error is really to blame.


I received my crossfire table and razorweld cut 45 last week, Ive olny cut 4 pieces so far, most of my time has been spent getting to know fusion 360, but I am also having issues w/ the 30* cut. First cut was on 20 or so gauge mild steel, wasn’t perfect by any means, lots of dross and small cuts were not very precise. Next was 3/16, that’s when I noticed the angle cut. looking at the cut part straight on it looks as if it has a shadow, this piece also had major dross top and bottom. I moved down to 11g for the next piece, didn’t help, same angle cut, same dross and splatter. I have plenty of air, all ran through driers on my main compressor and a small unit on the plasma. I have some 1mm tips on order, hopefully that will help with the thicker metal cut quality. The angle cut has me stumped though…

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Most likely because your using the tips that came with the machine. They are not rated for the higher amperage you need for the 3/16, and it ends up blowing out the hole in the tip. Guarantee if you lift the torch holder as high as it will go, turn the torch on via Mach, you will see your arc shoot out to one side

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sorry I haven’t been able to follow up on this post… I’ve been doing a full over haul of the shop and busy running my router to keep up with orders. That being said, I have been reading the forum and the replies. It seems I am not the only novice having this issue and many are pointing to the tips or the gun as being the problem. However, I don’t see any suggestions on what to run. So, any links to consumables that are recommended (I see allot saying 45a at 45 ipm is great for 1/8" aluminum and that’s more than most are saying the stck style tip is good for). Ive also see suggested to run the Hypertherm style gun but, when I google it, I find allot of different ones and dont know where to start.

There are multiple threads on here of this issue that a lot of us have gone thru and the fix. For me, I just purchased the 1.0mm s45 drag tips off eBay. I emailed the company that sells em and unfortunately they don’t carry the 1.0mm in the standard tip only drag, but I have yet to have any issues with em and cut plenty of 1/8” aluminum as that’s mostly what I use my table for. I have found the sweet spot to be 35 amps 65ipm

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I got the same ones likely that you got. I thought about running a drag tip on the belt sander to see if I can grind off the nubs. Have you thought about doing the same or try it in the past with any success?

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That’s actually a great idea! I will try that today lol I have yet to have any issues with them the way they are, but I agree that having the arc as close to the material as possible will result in a more consistent cut

I haven’t had time to mess with them to test the idea. I’m going to try a new project tonight but could really use some smaller tips as I think the .8s are still going to be a kerf issue for some of the narrower cutouts. Haven’t been able to find .6mm ones anywhere.

I test the designs on the laser and then scale it 2X for the Crossfire. I can use cardboard & cheap materials to test a design and save the metal for when I’m sure the design is good.

@jamesdhatch paul @gamblegarage has the .6mm nozzles for the trafimet torches

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Excellent. Thanks. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that. He carries a bunch of stuff for our plasmas.


@jamesdhatch yea he does and easy to communicate and do business with. As far as I know he is also the only source I’ve found to carry the .6mm nozzles. If you dont see them on the site you may get in contact with him. When I placed my order we did direct through paypal as they weren’t yet listed on his web page


the new tips finally came in and made a huge difference. I still have some tuning to do but it solved allot of my frustration.

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what tips did you go with?