Razorweld 45 Torch fires and stops right away

So i’ve got everything setup on the plasma cutter, when i hit the fire button, it fires and stops right away, maybe 1/2 second. i even tried running a program and same thing, it fires for .5 seconds, turns off the torch and keeps jogging rest of the toolpath without cutting, any help would be really appreciated. Seems to be a razorweld 45 issue but not sure.

Note: i’ve checked the tip and electrode and they are both good, i still haven’t really cut anything yet so this is brand new setup. Also this isn’t the same as some posts i’ve seen here where it fires on the first cut but off on the 2nd cut, this just fires a blimp (does pierce thru material) and stops but the toolpath keeps going. Even when i press fire on mach3 it does the same thing. i also don’t have 220 plug in my garage so i have a 1000w transformer box that i use to power it up. not sure if that could be the issue

it is set on 2T

Compressor air pressure on 75 psi

110 to 220 transformer (see link below)

Amps: 28

air dryer and filter hooked up



Ultra Quiet only 70 Decibels
Oil-Free Pump for Less Maintenance & Costs
4.6 Gallon (Rust Free) Aluminum Twin Tank
Powerful 2.0 HP (Rated / Running) Motor
6.40 cfm @ 40 psi - 5.30 cfm @ 90 psi.Tank fill rate 60 Second


welder: Razorweld 45.

Thank you in advance.

I don’t think your transformer is going to work you 1000 watts is like 8.3 amps on your 120 volt circuit.

Even if you could up convert with no loss in efficiency 100% a 20 amp 120 volt breaker is only going to get 10 amps at 240 volt.

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i mean it’s working, everything turns on great, doesn’t stop at all, i’m not electrician but it doesn’t seem as the issue. Wouldn’t it just not turn on the plasma period or maybe shut it off during operation if this doesn’t work?

That will not work. U need 220 and at lest 40 amp breaker

do you believe that’s why it’s doing what it’s doing? it’s odd to me that it doesn’t turn the welder off or anything if that’s the issue or at least shut off the transformer. what do most people have setup in a garage?

When you turn the unit on you are running little more than the fan.

As said above you are going to need to run a circuit out to your garage. 50 amps out to a sub panel will give you options. The machine doesn’t need 50 amps even though it has a 50 plug on it. As mentioned in several other threads the cable it came with is 12 gauge which is good for 20 amps but that is also 20 amps on each leg.

Best bet is to call an electrician!! Put the power out there you are going to need.

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have you verified that your ground clamp is connected to your material? I know its a stupid question, but sometimes a bad connection to the ground can cause those problems.

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Thank you i’ll look into putting maybe a 60 or 125 amp breaker in garage soon. but still doesn’t explain why i’m still able to run the plasma and everything in the garage just fine without anything shutting off during this not even the plasma itself. but either way thank you for the feedback, i will add a breaker soon.

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ya i did verify that as well, but the anode is broken actually i just left it in place, not sure if that will effect anything, i also tried clamping to one of the metal slabs, still same result

I have had this exact problem, the ground clamp fell off the bottom of my table. I would double check to make sure its engaged properly in the machine. I was going to post and I thought the first thing I would read is check your ground, sure enough it fell off. Make sure the nut holding the heavy wire in the clamp itself is tight. That .5 seconds you are getting is just the pilot arc. No ground clamp needed for it to “turn on”

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Are you cutting actual metal or just firing it against the slats? You have to have a sheet of metal on it for it to continue continuity and cut. @CNCMoose

shawn i’ve tried both with sheet metal on it and running it manually, it keeps doing the same thing, on for 1/2 second and off. but why would you need a sheet metal on it for it to keep going? you should be able to fire the torch manually without cutting anything right? what i am missing here? during the setup they show you how to test it manually and they didn’t have a sheet metal on it.

sherlock, i’m going to play with my ground now and see if that makes a difference but i believe it’s well grounded.

iI WIRED IN my own 240V its pretty easy. but if you have any doubts at all DONT DO IT YOUR SELF. YOU COULD KILL YOURSELF!!!. I do have 20+ years of automotive and advanced auto electronics backround and home AC wire is somewhat ancient for me…

I run a 60A breaker and since I wanted to use my crossfire on the other side of my shop and not run new electrical wire all up the walls and across the shop I just use a 50ft. extension cord specifically designed for 240v
up to 85-Amps.
no issues at all I also use the RAZORCUT 45.
works flawlessly.
I believe the transformer your attempting to use will run house hold appliances, TV, microwave, etc… but not your Plasma cutter… from what I can read in the specs. Its output in US amps looks to be around 10A

I only looked very briefly, you would have to do the 230V Amps calculation at a particular duty cycle to find out for sure and also look to see the power input demand of the cutter

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ok, cool, sorry i couldnt help.

Thank you PWC for the input and everyone as well. I will be running a 60 amp breaker in my garage shortly, but can anyone confirm that this is what would cause this particular issue?

Nobody can say with an absolute yes this is your issue however what you are trying to do is significantly under powered. Also US 240 volt is 120 on each leg. My assumption is the converter is producing 220-240 on a single leg which is the standard in every other country. That is easy to check with a multi meter.

On the torch firing in the air the initial firing is the pilot arc the machine senses the arc has transfer to the material and changes how the arc is maintained. The pilot arc will go out on its own I think is lasts longer than 0.5 seconds though. Repeated firing into the air should be avoided as the pilot arc is harder on the consumables.

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I promise you that your machine is not working because of that inverter.

If your fusebox is in your garage and you have 2 empty breakers side by side, you can wire this yourself relatively easy. I was able to do it with very little experience in home wiring.

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That air compressor also isn’t even close to adequate for what you need. I run a 30 gallon dewalt compressor and it’s only because I have wiring limitations in my garage (for now).

thank you guys for the help. This is really a bummer a descent compressor seems like it will be around 1k for something higher than 6cfm at 75psi and my fusebox is furthest part out of the house from the garage and in the basement and quotes i’m getting around $1500 to get it done. bad planning on my end i guess. i went as far as building an auto fill reservoir underneath the table with a nice on/off switch and now i’m thinking about letting it go… thank you everyone for the help, really appreciate it.