Razorweld 45 review, questions, comments

I purchased the RW45 w my crossfire table, and it has worked well. I’ve got the new style torch. 2 nights ago I trashed an electrode. That was something that has never happened to me in 10 years of plasma cutting. Was very interesting! LOL
I went and got some Hypertherm parts at the local welding supply. Man the cut quality improvement is mind blowing vs the OEM ones. 220671 is the nozzle number. They’re the basic Powermax 45 consumables.

When I bought this table, I sold my old hypertherm powermax 380. With it I could easily cut expanded metal. The arc would go out at the gap, but immediately refire when I hit the next metal.
The RW45 does NOT do this. I have to cycle the trigger at every gap and edge. Is this a problem with the machine or just the nature of it?
Thanks in advance!!

You could probably cut expanded metal using the 4t option if it’s just a profile. Torch stays on all the time once it’s fired, till it’s told to shut off…

I tried it on both 2t and 4t. And the arc extinguishes as soon as it runs off of the metal.

well I called Jasic and they answered the question… He said it’s a “back-arc” system. That once the cutting is iniated, the pilot arc goes out. And if you run off of the edge of the metal, the arc will NOT reignite, until the trigger is cycled. A bit of a disappointment. But at least I have the answer.

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Its called a “blow back pilot arc system” and the 45 I have here set in 4T will cut expanded metal, depending on how far the holes are apart. It won’t do chain link fence. In 4T the pilot arc should stay on for 3 seconds after you are done cutting the metal then go out.

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Sir, I’m cutting 3/4” #12 flat expanded metal. As soon as it “comes off” the string of metal, the arc goes out. And I can immediately move to the next one (1/10 second maybe?) and it just blows air. That’s in 2t or 4t