Cutting perforated metal

I have XPro with Cut45 trying to cut 14ga 3/8" hole perforated sheet. With THC off and ground clamp on stock, my torch turns off when it hits the first hole. I’ve tried varying the cut speed and the current with same result. I also make sure I’m touching off Z not in a hole.

Any advice here?

I found this post, @mechanic416 mentioned using 4Tfor cutting expanded metal. I’ve tried 4T after modifying my g-code, no joy.

I have tried it without success also. It’s weird; I can cut it with my Everlast S100 with a Trafimet hand torch without any problem. I’m guessing the fact that I am holding the trigger the whole time, but I’m not sure why, though just an observation.

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I found this post, @ScottNH shows it’s possible. I have a Primeweld Cut60, trying it now.

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In most cases you need more amps and more speed as the 4T only extends the pilot arc to about 5 seconds. This is not how all plasma cutters work and some may not work that way with the CNC table electronics.

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I was successful manually triggering my Cut 60 in 4T mode.


The Everlast has an “auto restart” setting for cutting things like expanded metal. I still haven’t tried it, though.


After many, and I mean many, failed cuts because my torch caught these holes, I was successful! Yay! My stock was slightly bent and I had a hard time keeping it flat on the table. With the torch height set at the start and it would catch a hole along the way. Let’s just say there was a lot of cussing in the shop today but I have the pieces for my outdoor table. I had just enough stock for these six pieces.


That’s good to know. But everything I tried on my Jasic Cut45 wouldn’t work. My Primeweld Cut60 with pilot arc in 4T worked fine.

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