Razor x45 misfire and lost arcs

So I got my CF Pro in September of this year. I cut a sheet or two of 3/16" and a sheet of 14 gauge steel and everything worked great. I didn’t have a single misfire or lost arc. Than I switched out my working consumables with a new set. (they were not worn out but I thought maybe I could get a better cut). I ran that set of consumables for a while until they were pretty bad. All of a sudden the torch wouldn’t fire. I put the old set that were still in working condition and they wouldn’t fire either. I than purchased new consumables from the guy on ebay that claimed to be direct replacements. It’s been a nightmare ever since. I have clean dry air. The original consumables that came with my table (that were in ok condition) now also have constant failures. One of these days I might just got all “office space” on this Razorweld x45… What gives? I have to restart my program every minute or two. I’m filtering the air down to .01 microns.

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Did you check the electrode plunger in the torch to make sure it is not sticking? Did you check to see if the electrode is free and not hanging up in the swirl ring? I see this a lot on CNC tables from blow back.

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I feel like the plunger may be sticking. I have some pitting starting to happen on the electrode seat. What do I do if it’s sticking? Do I have to buy a new torch? This torch is basically brand new. If it wears out this fast I don’t want to waste my money on a second one… I sent an e-mail to Razorweld and they haven’t gotten back to me yet.

The clearance between the electrode and the swirl ring seems to be be adequate and it moves freely.

edit: when the torch fires I hear a click. I think that’s the plunger moving but I feel like it may be delayed which is starting to cause the electrode seat to arc.

It seems its arcing from the electrode to the plunger causing the pitting. You need to take the consumables out and blow it out with air then use some silicone grease to free it up. This is caused by blow back from piercing or torch height not set right.

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Thanks this is good news. Here is a picture of my electrode seat. I hope it’s not too far gone.

Machine torch or hand held?

Chech the spring loaded pins that touch the cup

I had problems with these pins in the past

Clean it up with a little emery cloth

I checked it and it was sticking. I cleaned up the seat with some a scotch brite pad. I blew out the plunger and got a little lub in there and it fired 15 times in a row with no issues. I think you solved my problem. I checked the pogo pins and they are good. Thank you so much for the help. I wished I had asked sooner.

edit: also the programs I’ve run have a lot of piercing. I’m piercing about every 15 to 20 sec on some of them.

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Yes that looks good, but the faster is pierces the less blow back and less chance or stuff getting up inside the torch head.

I guess I’ll have to keep and eye on this. thanks again!