Razor weld 45 kerf

Does anyone have the correct kerf for the Razor weld 45 (machine torch ) ? I’ve tried to contact Razor weld but received no response . I swear I saw someone posted a tool list for this machine but I can’t seem to find it again . I’m cutting some nice stuff but I’m positive I can dial it in a lot better if I could get a decent starting point.I’m running the XR . Right now I’m just guessing and wasting steel . Any help would be appreciated !!

Robb, maybe consider making a drawing of perhaps, a 4" square… Go ahead and cut it out using outside offset in your toolpath… Take your cut part and measuring with your caliper… Take the difference bigger or smaller and generate your actual kerf size based off of your actual real -life measurements… I’d think this would get you even closer than what the “book specs” are…


I did several straight 4" cuts with my razorweld 45 on my XR using the firecontrol software at multiple speeds on 16ga steel, and it always seemed to have a kerf width of just under 2mm or approx .070. I’m brand new to this, so hopefully someone with more experience can chime in and provide more accurate info.

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I thought about doing that but wasn’t sure it would work . Thanks for confirming !!

Thanks I’ll do exactly that !! I really appreciate the info !!

Well, give it a shot and come back and let us know how it worked out for you!!

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Will do it first thing tomorrow after work !!

What CAD software are you using?

Sheet cam… but I also use Fusion 360 and inkscape for designing

The cutting tip for the X45 torch has a 1.0mm/.040" orifices hole if that helps.

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I second KX9Ms suggestion. What I’ve been doing is test coupons with a couple circles and squares on it set at 1”, .5” and .25”. I cut them, then measure with a set of calipers and adjust from there. On my PTM60 torch with a 40A nozzle I’ve been running a kerf setting of .0355 I believe it is and my sizes of the squares and circles are within .003” which is good to me

There’s a couple good coupons in the fireshare site if you don’t feel like making your own


Thank you!!

I get exactly .055 kerf with the RazorWeld and the x45 machine torch.

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So I ran a few cuts lol 20ish different ipms . Got from 55 to 63 I can work with that . I’m not sure that was the issue after all. I’m thinking it’s a combination pierce hight , run height and ipm . I got brave and ran a sign about 16" x 16" 16 guage , the plate warped down a little and the torch lost contact ruined the whole sign. Lol I wish I could practice on somthing cheaper !! Hahaha

Thanks !! I’m in that neighborhood as well !! Really appreciate it !!

THC didn’t compensate for that? It should have. Unless… where was your work clamp attached? To the work piece or the table?


Table . And I thought it would as well but it doesn’t seem to change once it starts cutting.

Well, an acquaintance of mine told me once, “All education costs you something, Tuition, lost finger, divorce,… Ya gotta pay something for that education.” In this case it’s only a wimpy piece of metal. Next time, clamp to the work. It can warp all it wants, but the torch will have a connection.


Ohhhh no it wasn’t that lol that ground wouldn’t have changed what happened. The plate dropped and the torch didn’t drop with it. I do however agree it’s just a piece of steel lol

For my first test cut with the THC, I used 28ga galvy sheet. It warped like a potato chip and the THC followed it beautifully! I have ground problems causing torch-loss all the time because of rust, coatings, etc. Clean the part and clamp to it directly for the best performance (in my experience.)