Razor weld 45 consumables

If I am cutting something at 30A on the plasma do I need a 30A nozzle as well?

Are all the consumable nozzles for the razorweld 45A?

We are trying to cut 22/20/16 gage stainless type 316.

The plasma seems to cut the thicker material well, but the thinner it creates too much heat.


Well yes you should use a smaller cutting tip. The problem is you have the X45 torch and it only has one size tip to do everything.

There are no smaller tips I can buy?

Not for the X45 torch.

Well that severely limits what I can do with this machine. I was told it can cut thinner material.

It can cut thin metal as long as you do not want a lot of detail.

Check out this thread
Consumables for Razorcut 45

He states the Hypertherm 30XP consumables fit the X45 torch. I did not know this but I found out Hypertherm sells fine cut nozzles for the 30XP. If you try using Hypertherm consumables I would recommend using the Hypertherm swirl ring also.

Yep to confirm the powermax 30xp finecut nozzles fit the x45 torch. Just make sure you also have the fine cut deflector shield along with the fine cut nozzles. They will not fit inside the original shield that comes with the x45. I’ll upload a picture in a few hours to show what that looks like.

The only thing I’m unsure about is wether or not they are best run at 30 amps or 45 amps. I haven’t tested them yet as I only recently received them

Probably would be better to have fine cut consumables designed for 45 amps but I don’t think there are any available

The standard and fine cut Hypertherm consumables are rated from 15 to 30 amps ONLY. You will just burn them out at 45 amps.

So trying the hypertherm consumables. Are these the correct p/n’s I need:

Swirl ring = 220479

Nozzle = 420117

Shield = 420152

Hypertherm 30 amp fine cut

420120 electrode
420211 swirl ring
420117 nozzle
420115 shield

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so George will those parts work to sorta convert a x45 razorweld machine torch to fine cut

Well they did not work so well when I did my testing. But some people say they work. I would not recommend it but if you want to try it its up to you.

thanks I thought I would as before spending about 100$ and finding out it doesn’t

Do you carry normal consumables for x45. I order the original HarborFreight plasma cutter consumables from you and was pleased

Yes I do carry the consumables for the Razorweld45 with the X45 torch.