Consumables for Razorcut 45

I purchased the razorcut 45 along with the crossfire pro (regretfully). I should have spent the extra and gotten a power max 45.

Now on to the point, the only consumables I’ve found are the hypertherm 30xp consumables which are identical however they are of course designed for 30 amps.

Is there any 45 amp “fine cut” consumables that will fit the razorcut 45. I’m trying to cut 1mm stainless steel and the cut quality is quite bad

Thanks for any help

The Hypertherm 30XP and 45XP consumables will not fit the X45 torch. If you want to try the Hypertherm consumables they have to be for the old Powermax 45 not the new one. And no there is not a fine cut consumable for the older Powermax 45.

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Thanks for the reply, you are wrong about one thing. The powermax 30xp consumables do in-fact fit perfectly as they are literally identical. I have a powermax 30xp and have been using the cutting tips from that. I also live in Australia so it’s difficult to source the legitimate consumables for the x45

Are there any fine cut tips that exist from the manufacturer of the x45?

Well if the 30 amp Powermax 30XP consumables are working then you have the fine cut consumables . I have never dealt with the 30XP so you could very well be right.

I found this Genuine Hypertherm 420117 Nozzles Fine Cut Powermax 30 XP Plasma Cutter maybe these will help. If you are using Hypertherm consumables I would recommend using the Hypertherm swirl ring also.

Hypertherm 30xp manual

Some clips from the manual.

It would sure be cool if we could just retrofit a Duramax torch to fit the razorweld 45

Here’s a link to their retrofit torch kits Duramax

Would that be possible at all because I’d be willing to waste money if there was a possibility that it might work

I have done a lot of retrofitting of torch’s to different plasma cutters. Some worked great some didn’t work at all. All torch’s have a spec for power and air. I am guessing the Razorweld plasma cutter does not meet the Hypertherm torch spec’s.

If you lived in the USA and sent me a Hypertherm Duramax machine torch and wanted it to fit the Razor weld I would do it for you. But the odds are it may not work very well.

George, did you look into whether the 30xp consumables fit the RW torch? I saw you and somebody else had an exchange about that.

@stocky I have used that cutter with good success on material that thin and thinner, but using a cobbled together PTM-60 and smaller tips. Are you getting bad cuts with 45A or those 30A consumables?

@Jemejia So I’m currently using 30amp fine cut tips made for the powermax 30xp. I cut some stainless today and they were much better although still not as good as I’d like.

I have both a powermax 30xp and the razorcut 45 and the consumables are identical so the fine cut fits perfectly

@stocky Thank you for the quick response.

After doing some research on that I have found out that the 30XP uses the same consumables as the old powermax 45 used as it has the same old style torch.

Hypertherm does not recommend using their consumables on the X45 torch. There are some people having good luck with it and some that have nothing but trouble. I am guessing it may have something to do with the torch, if its a Tecmo torch or a Chinese copy.

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I’ve had no issues so far, the entire x45 torch appears to be identical to the powermax 30xp. Ill upload some images comparing the both tomorrow. By my eye they are identical with the only difference being the retaining cap. Should I start a new thread demonstrating this?

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As long as they are working for you that is good.

Razorweld and Langmuir say the Hypertherm consumables work. Hypertherm and I do no recommend using them on the X45 torch.

Just remember that using Hypertherm consumables on a plasma cutter that is not a Hypertherm are considered aftermarket consumables just like buying Chinese consumables and using them on a Hypertherm plasma cutter.

Aren’t the TecMo torches (not the PTs, but the ones we’re talking about here) themselves copies of Hypertherm torches that went out of patent? BTW I have a Chinese knock of the PTM-60 and it has worked extremely well. The TecMo I owned before it…not so much.

I am not going to start a debate on this. Anybody can use what ever they want it’s there call and money. If it works for you/them then by all means use it.


Can anyone answer the actual question of whether the X45 is a clone of the old HT torches?

@mechanic416 I wasn’t trying to start a debate and certainly wouldn’t presume to debate you on this topic. I asked the question because I recall Jim Colt writing that some TecMo torches are copies of old Hypertherm IP. If so, then using genuine consumables in one might be more like using the TecMo consumables in the Chinese PT and PTM clones…

Hopefully these pictures come through, I’ll leave it to you to judge but I’m pretty sure they are almost identical. This is comparing the x45 and the powermax 30xp torch. I find it odd that a 45 amp plasma uses the same torch and consumables as a 30amp plasma cutter