Razor Cut 45, THC and me

I purchased the Crossfire Pro. I also purchased a razor cut 45. Unfortunately not through Langmuir (cant remember if it was out of stock back then or what).

Anyhow, the version i have has one port in the front of the machine. It’s manual does not reference this port.

I am trying to wire up the THC.

Does anyone know if this IS a voltage divider port?




other than mine being blue, it sure looks like it…

Best to call razorweld directly and ask if it only has one port, which is it. Voltage divider or torch trigger.

I emailed them, and am awaiting reply. thanks

I’m assuming that this was the torch trigger but did you ever get this answered? How did you then wire the voltage divider?

Anyone figure this out?

did you get your answer?

did you ever get this resolved?

The Razorweld with the single plug is the trigger plug and has nothing to do with THC.