Rail extensions

Well, its 2024, has anyone found a way to make their crossfire pro longer, by using some sort of extensions/rails?

If so, please send me in the right direction.


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The problem you’re going to have by trying to go longer, is whipping (harmonic oscillation) of the lead screws. They’re already very close to their limit of rigidity. To combat it, you’ll need to change to a rack/pinion, belt drive (not ideal considering molten metal), or a worm drive setup with the screws stationary and the motors no longer on the frame, rather on the gantry, to do so.

Once you’ve gotten your new drive system sorted, then you’ll need to recalibrate the steps / distance and run a custom configuration file for your table’s particular parameters.

If you’ve never built a multi axis CNC machine before (try making a 3d printer from scratch), what you’re asking is no simple feat.


It’s possible with 8mm lead screws, you just have to keep rapids to a slow value. This assumes they are straight in the first place which is a different problem.


People have done it. It’s not a simple as you think it is. As mentioned, the current lead screws are at their limit for whipping. You could go up to a 1/2"-10/ 5 start screw and nut to go longer and keep the same travel distance per rotation. The screws can be found at McMaster Carr. The anti backlash nuts, in the same style as the originals, are like finding a unicorn.

In addition to lengthening the rails and lead screws, you also need to source a larger water pan.