Quick Rework Project on MR-1 Cutting Cast Iron

Some quick production rework in house using MR-1. We received some Y-axis carriage castings with flanges that were too deep; 10 minutes later using MR-1 we were able to get them into rework production using a 1/2" 4 flute end mill, 60 second cycle time for each part. We have 3 MR-1 machines set up in our shops running full time for this type of rework/production on our various machine components :+1:. Cutting video in our IG story post!



Thanks for posting! Wondering if you can answer a few questions about this!

  • What type/microstructure of cast iron is this?
  • How does surface finish on those cuts compare to (for example) mild steel?
  • Did you machine those parts with the spindle in the high or low position?
  • Did you use coolant, and how do you manage the abrasive dust from contaminating the precision surfaces on the machine?

I have a large (300x500mm) fixture plate made out of stress-relieved gray cast iron that I’ve been looking for a way to resurface. I was considering using an indexable 2 or 4 flute apkt style end mill with c2 carbide inserts to face machine it on the MR-1. Do you think this would be feasible (or completely crazy) to attempt?

Sorry if any of this stuff is answered in the instagram, I don’t have an account and can’t see it!


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Still curious if you can share more details about this! @Langmuir-Daniel