Quick question about post processer

I have started running my machine again after quite some time. I have noticed that when the program finishes my torch does not rise back up to the 0 mark (1) inch up.

I cannot remember is that is normal just doing some simple staight line cuts right now and touch stays at the cut height when finished.


Are you just doing the straight line cuts from within Firecontrol? They don’t have anything to do with the post processor. I don’t use that feature often, but it probably doesn’t have a retract at the end of the cut.

I actually used QCAD and processed through sheetcam. BTW the tourch mount was a great addition to the table thank you for taking care of it so quickly.

Glad it fit and worked out for you. I’ve had reports that some of the newer Z carriage have bolts sticking out the face that interfere with it

If you post processed the file through Sheetcam with the Langmuir v1.6 post processor, it should retract to 1" after each cut loop. If you upload the .tap file here, I’ll look at it to see what may be wrong.

Here is the tap file
Streight line test.tap (485 Bytes)

That appears odd. It looks like several lines of code are missing from the end. (The H0, M5, and Z-axis move.) I pulled up some code I recently processed thru Sheetcam to compare. (see pic.)

Looking at the post (FireControl-v1.6.scpost) the Z retract to 1" is built in. It appears to have been called by the previous cuts, just not by the last one.

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As noted above, everything looks correct except there are 3 lines missing before the end program command.

The missing commands are:
H0 - turn off THC
M5 - torch off
G0 Z1.0 - retract Z axis to 1"

I don’t know how this could happen unless the post processor is corrupted or there is a path rule that somehow eliminates those commands. Do you have any THC related path rules?

I do not have any THC related path rules but I will delete and re-download the firecontrol.

Another thing to consider - Which version of SheetCam are you running? Stable (7.0.20) or Development (< 7.0.20). According to the change / release logs, prior to 7.1.32 an issue existed that would occasionally not generate OnPenUp / OnPenDown. (OnPenUp provides the Z axis move.)


Thanks for the help guys you helped me figure it out. It was a corrupted v1.6 I had to find the file and delete it. Also I was running the stable version of sheet cam but it was an older one. I downloaded the current stable version and when I did the post process it added all of the proper codes.

Thanks again.