Question for Cutmaster 82 owners

Slowly getting my TD Cutmaster 82 with hand torch dialed in. Pretty happy with surface finish and dross but I’m fighting a really nasty bevel on anything .125" and thicker. My question for fellow Cutmaster owners is there a setuo you can share that works well for you? Say anything from 1/8" to 1/4" mild steel. Trying to get a baseline setup that I can tweak from there.


Also have checked the usual suspects. Have dry air, new consumables and the torch trammed in. Believe my problem just lies in my inexperience with plasma setups.

Air pressure at torch and cut height will have effects on bevel as well.

How does air pressure affect bevel? Is there a relationship like lower air pressure results in bevel or the. other way around? These are the kind of tips that are really handy!

This is pretty helpful too