Question about PC potential - will this work?

I ordered this mini PC thing thing the other day and just assumed it would be OK to run my CF Pro. Now I’m getting paranoid, which is probably all it is and my doubts are based on nothing. But figured I’d ask anyway and maybe either be encouraged or vetoed.

I picked up a Planar 22" touchscreen monitor for it too in case that changes the requirements. I’m thinking that shouldn’t make much difference, but just in case.

So short list of specs in case you don’t wanna click links:
Obligatory Windows 10 installed
Intel Celeron J4125 quad core (1.8 GHz/s rising to a 2.5 GHz in burst mode)
NVMe M.2 128GB SSD

I just wanted to go dedicated PC but small so it is easy to deal with. Really didn’t want to go with a laptop.
I don’t plan to do the drawing/code generation on this PC just because of convenience, but maybe a little now & then?
Whadda ya think? Thanks

I’m running on an old Dell Optiplex 790 and a Dell monitor (non touchscreen). Works fine for me.

That thing is overkill for running the table. 4GB of RAM is all that’s necessary. I’m running mine on a 6GB RAM mini PC with an ASUS touchscreen. The only issue I have with the touchscreen is that the keyboard doesn’t pop up for the Scale and Rotate boxes in Firecontrol, so I have to keep the keyboard pinned to the taskbar.

I don’t do any design work on that PC, so I don’t know how well it would work for that.

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I don’t have direct experience with this configuration, but one thing to keep in mind are ground loops.

There are a lot of people that have commented about ground loop issues that needed to install filters and try other solutions. IF you have communication issues, try grounding the table to an earth ground.

Shouldn’t be an issue with mini pc’s, they generally run off of a 2 prong DC power supply. No ground prong.