Quality of cut decreases during multiple part run

Hello all, first post on here. I have an XR machine with the razorcut 45 and i have all kinds of issues cutting, but only randomly. Sometimes I’m so happy I made the purchase and other times I think I could probably cut the parts out better with a hammer and chisel. Most recently I had a small order of 8 parts for a customers custom vehicle. Awesome! Drew the part up in Fusion and he gave me the go ahead. Did all the toolpaths in Fusion and I head out to the shop. First part cuts amazing, very little dross and bevel, easy clean up. I get two more cut and notice there’s more blow out on the pierces. Eh whatever the parts will be mostly hidden anyways. Couple days later i finally make it out to the shop to get the rest cut. Now it gets fun. Next part cuts with about the same quality of 2 and 3. Load another piece of pate on the table. So now i need 4 more parts to complete my order. It takes cutting a grand total of 9 parts to finally get 4 somewhat decent parts. After the first screw up I made sure my water separator is empty and change my consumables. Now what I have going on is its not completely cutting the drops out and its pretty detailed so I can’t even save it with a cut-off wheel. Also it keeps throwing the code that the arc was lost after completing one cut. OK go reset it and let it start where it stopped, one more drop cut out and it throws the error message again. So on and so forth. Almost time to break out the hammer and chisel, and not for the parts. At this point its taken me 3 hours to cut the remaining 4 pieces I need to complete the order. Shut the door and call it a night. Today i go out to clean up the parts that I thought were good, turns out maybe two of them are good. The bevels on some of the inside parts are so bad they’re like a razor. Also noticed that it had melted out some of the detail, which it previously had not been doing. So now I have to load another piece on the table so I can cut out another couple pieces and hopefully not go into full hulk smash mode and wreck this thing. The part I’m cutting is only about 8"x12" and its a spider web design. 11g, probably about 40 ish amps, 45 ipm, 1.5 sec pierce delay .041 cut height. If anybody on here could please help me out I would greatly appreciate it. It’s so frustrating when it cuts so good and then all of a sudden it cuts like absolute trash. Sure am glad this project isn’t more than 8 pieces!

45 IPM at 40 amps on 11 ga is very slow and 1.5 seconds is way too long for a pierce delay. I get the best results on 11ga at 40 amps, 80 IPM .15 pierce height, .05 cut height and .4 second pierce delay.

What do your consumables look like? What is your air drying setup? You can trash a set of consumables in just a couple of parts with moisture in your air supply.


Let’s take the razercut and use it to make smores then buy Hypertherm :rofl:


I’ve tried cutting at that speeds and it makes an even worse bevel and incomplete cuts. I agree totally that it’s really slow and should be capable of faster cuts. The fact is that I’ve followed the cut chart before and still trashed parts. The slower I go with a slightly longer pierce delay I get less bevel and a better part. I’d love for it to run that fast and give me good parts, it just doesn’t. Air drier is a setup from HF and the consumables are not bad just a little simple in the electrode. Wouldn’t consider changing them except for when I do, I get a lot better cut.

the rw45 is a decent starter machine the only problems with them is.

  1. people buy them to try to do semi production work.
  2. people expect them to be more than what they are you know say a hypertherm.

they are good really decent machine. i one for almost a year burned through about 25 sheets of 14 ga. without the first non-user error. i didn’t expect much from it when i grew to the point it couldn’t keep up i let it buy me a hypertherm.

don’t give up hope yet i will look at my cut chart i have a older version seem like the last time i looked at the one on the forum it was a little off kelter.

8 parts shouldn’t even be remotely considered as production work. I’ve ran sheets with 15 parts on it and it ran fine. 8 parts across 3 days is hardly production. I knew buying the razor that it wasn’t a hypertherm and that there would be limitations. These aren’t limitations they are problems. There is a problem. It shouldn’t cut one great and then the next 13 parts are mediocre at best with the same file and settings.

the old cut chart has 11 ga at 45 amps 60 to 70 ipm and a 1 sec delay. i would try 65 ipm and a .6 delay.

the smaller your compressor the more moisture you will have. the area you live in will determine how much air-drying equipment you need. i would definitely invest in quart size bead cell dryer to start with.

Well I have like a 300 gallon at least compressor that I built, a huge drier on it and I’ll try those numbers, but I’ll be shocked if it’s worth a damn haha.

wow that is a huge air compressor. The thing of itis what kind of dryer do you use? Refridgerated? desiccant beads?
for real the least bit of moisture left in the air will trash your consumables very quickly even if they don’t look that bad.
What does your nozzle look like? is the hole round?

Hole is still round in the tip. I drained the drier halfway through the cuts and barely any water came out. Cuts were the same afterwards.

what about the nozzle?

trust me there is moisture suspended in the air. i started out without much of a air drying system it would eat up consumables…

i have way more invested in my air drying system than i paid for the rw45 i have. you will recover your money on consumables alone. then cut quality improvement is a major plus.

electrodes should be changed when hole is approximately 1/16 deep

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I don’t have a problem adding more air drying, but the issue is not constant, it’s pretty random. Moisture in the line will cause bad cut quality yes, but not a straight up incomplete cut on the toolpath. All the other ones it cut out in this area except this one part.

what cad program do you use? what size material do you have? i can cam out a small part for you to eliminate the possibility of tool path issues.

you have 11 ga but you may not want to waste it.

I use fusion 360 and sheetcam both. I have 16g , 11g and 1/4”.

give me a few and i will post a tap file for each. you can try whichever you want. i will cam out a washer

1.5 with .5 hole so you won’t waste a lot of material.

I’m not having a problem with the toolpaths, it’s literally the machine randomly acts up and gives me trouble. If it was a problem with the toolpath I could see that and fix it.

test washer .250.tap (968 Bytes)
test washer 11 ga…tap (972 Bytes)
test washer 16 ga. 30 amp.tap (962 Bytes)

try 30 amp on the 16 ga and 45 on .250 and 11 ga.

Anything you can think of that might have changed? I know there has been trouble with the air regulators on the RW45. did you check air pressure on the plasma during a cut? should be around 75 psi while cutting.

just trying to eliminate one thing at time. this will eliminate your cad cam and not waste a lot of material.

you could have pressure drop or moisture in the air and yes it will cause it to cut incomplete cuts. usually, you will see scaring where it has tried to cut.

are you running a ground isolator or running on battery on you computer. any of your cables especially you usb crossed?

That hole looks pretty deep in the electrode. Is this Harbor Freight dryer the refrigerated dryer or just a water separator/dessicant bead setup?

This looks like an air supply issue. What pressure are you seeing on the machine, while cutting? The Razorweld seems to need a crazy high 70-75psi to work correctly. Most people have to open the machine and turn up the internal regulator to get that pressure.