Ptm60 Machine torch wiring

If I’m looking at everything correctly It seems like I can wire my ptm60 torch two ways… Well three, but tapping into the machine seems silly if I can avoid it.

One is to solder the langmuir provided leads to pins 1 and 2 on the cnc port on my cut60 plasma.

The second choice is to solder the langmuir leads to the two wires on the back of the torch.

I’d rather use the second option because I have already soldered and heat shinked the 4 and 6 pins on the cnc port to the thc and for an armature at soldering there is not much room back there.

But I’m new to all this and wanted to check the collective wisdom here on the board. Any disadvantages to either one or for that matter am I even correct in the possible wiring choices lol.

Thanks guys.

Nobody… not even a friendly " your an idiot, read this link and you will figure it out "

I think it would be helpful if you noted the type of plasma machine you have in the thread title so people with the same one can see their help is needed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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