PTM 60 Machine torch

Anyone wanting to upgrade to a machine torch, they have been reduced from $354.99 to $289.99 their are only 5 at this price.

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What consumables does this torch use? And it said it would work on the razorweld. Does that include the 30i?

Yes it can be setup for the 30i, but you would be limited to 20 and 30 amp unshielded consumables.

will you continue to sell these after these are gone?

Yes I have them, but the price will be going back up after the new year. Have to clear out some inventory

Just ordered one, thanks

Need to know what plasma cutter you need it set up for?

Sent you a message on ebay, sorry about that, primeweld cut60

These have sold out but they will be back in stock in a few weeks if anyone wants one.

PLEASE NOTE: When you get your torch the cutting tip will look like it has been used.

I set up the torch for the plasma cutter it is going on, then test every torch that leaves my shop. That way I know everything is working.

If you want one that has NOT been setup and tested please let me know when you buy it. It will be up to you to set it up for your plasma cutter.

Thank you.


Just wanted everyone to know I am still offering the Tecmo PTM60 machine torch’s to the Langmuir members for $289.99 + shipping.

If you are looking to upgrade to a machine torch let me know.


Does that machine torch use the same consumables as the hand torch that came with my primeweld cut60?

Yes it does up to a point.

I assume that I can use the consumables from my Everlast 60s with this torch, and switch to shielded once I use up what I have?

Yes , that is correct.

At what point does is it not the same?


Well all these consumables fit and can be used on the hand torch, But you would not use some of them on the CNC machine torch.

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From what I can remember I have some 30a pipe tips left and some 40a shielded tips with the shield and maybe some 50a shielded also? I just want to make sure that at least those will work on the machine torch?

Thank you

Are the machine torches still available at that price. I have a Primeweld cut 60.

They will be back in stock in 3 weeks if you can wait. If you want one send me a email with you info and I will send you a invoice as soon as they arrive.

Sounds good… That should be about the time I get my Pro table up and running.