PTM 60 machine torch for PW Cut 60

I just got a notification that Primeweld has PTM-60 machine torches back in stock on their website. They have been out of stock for several months. If any of you were waiting for them to be back in stock you may want to head over there and place your order.

For what its worth I think the ones they sell ($300 with free shipping) are knockoffs from china but have had good reviews for the most part. I haven’t ordered a torch from them but my experience ordering other stuff from them in the past they usually ship the same day. The stuff I have ordered from them I get in 2 days.

@mechanic416 sells the real ones ($460) on his website and I believe he also has them in stock.

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You’ll need to tell @mechanic416 which Plasma Cutter you’re using for the Machine Torch as the connector MAY need to be re-wired to match.


I ordered one when I got the email. I know George has had the Tecmo machine torches in stock at higher cost almost $200 more with shipping. The Primeweld page says “The Tecmo CNC PTM-60 Plasma Torch is an Italian-made torch that is compatible with the PrimeWeld CUT60”. Sounds genuine Tecmo to me.

“The Tecmo CNC PTM-60 Plasma Torch is an Italian-made torch that is compatible with the PrimeWeld CUT60”.

That is a true statement.

But unless it states it is a Tecmo torch it is not.

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So is the product on the Primeweld page actually a Tecmo torch or not?

The description says explicitly that it’s a Tecmo torch.

No they are not Tecmo torch’s.

All I will say is this and then I won’t bother with this thread again.

I called Chris at Primeweld, he said the torches are made from Tecmo in Italy, the cables are not specifically Tecmo.

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The only definitive statement I found on their sales page was, under Features tab:
“Genuine Italian-made Tecmo product”

All the other statements WRT Techmo are not specifically claiming that THIS is a Techmo torch but are simply stating information about a Techmo torch, which may or may not apply to THIS product. It is clearly misleading IFF the torch you’re buying is NOT a Tecmo torch.

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Its a tecmo torch. I have one from George and primeweld they are the same thing. Where they buy the cable from Does not concern me. It also seems to keep the price down.

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You are right, it does say on the website that it is a “Genuine Italian-made Tecmo product”. You will have to let us know when you get it if it is a branded Tecmo torch or a knockoff.

This is the same thing I saw… up until I saw the info under the features tab everything else was just alluding to it being Tecmo.

All I am going to say about all this is, I am a Tecmo dealer in the United States I think I know whom is using Tecmo products.

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On their website they are definitely offering those up as genuine temco torches.

@mechanic416 do you believe these are knock-off torches?

Or maybe primeweld is a dealer too.

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does a temco torch have a stamp or something stating that it is genuine temco?

I called and asked them before. They said the torch heads are 1000 percent made by tecmo in Italy. They said the rubber hose does not come from tecmo.

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Its all a play on words. IPT is a Innotec torch. Innotec is buying the Tecmo torch heads and building there torch’s with cheaper cables and connectors. Then there are all the PT/IPT copy’s from China just like all the knock off consumables.

Lincoln and HTP uses real Tecmo torch’s and consumables from Italy on their plasma cutters. Try and get one of their torch’s for $299.99

I really don’t care what torch someone buys as long as it works for them.

When the cheap torch’s are out of stock guess who gets a call or email.

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Personally I don’t either, I can’t imagine myself buying anything but hypertherm products.

Hard to beat made in the United States products.

I just find this semantics around the temco torch fascinating.

So they’re just buying the genuine temco torch head and then the rest of the components are a third party substitution? Is that what’s happening?


Hypertherm products are great but very few items from them are made in the USA. My hypertherm 45 is not considered made in the USA. It is assembled in the USA with foreign parts.

Yes that is about it. Other then the copy’s and there are a lot of them.

When I bought my PowerMax 85 it was shipped directly from the factory in the United States.

I thought one of hypotherm’s points of pride were American manufacturing and employee ownership.

I’ll check out my 45 XP I’m almost certain it was manufactured in the same plant.

They definitely like to play with the line about what’s made in the United States I get a lot of heat pumps that say “assembled” in the United States.

I think it was last year the most American made pickup truck was a Toyota.

It would be interesting to see how far the outsourcing goes.

Here’s a video of the factory tour from 4 years ago where they state that their PowerMax line is built in New Hampshire as well as some of their big industrial plate cutting machines.
PowerMax products are the ones were familiar with as the PowerMax 85 or the PowerMax 45 or the PowerMax 45 XP where the PowerMax SYNC.

It would be a pretty bold lie that wasn’t the truth