Proma 150 crossfire razor cut 45 mach3

Question can you hook a proma 150 up to a razor weld cut 45 without any problems and will it work with Mach 3 for THC on these smaller tables? Thanks for your time

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I think @cletus tried a Proma 150 at some point and maybe @Burgs04 .
I don’t think it was a Razor Cut 45 in either case, but there’s enough info on this forum that you should be able to find the info you need. Use the search tool (magnifying glass in upper right corner) to look for “Razorweld THC voltage” or some such…

Nah, I did not. I did consider the Proma at one point, but eventually opted for the TH3T-02

Can you explain why you used the Th3T-02? I’m very confused in this stuff but would like to understand more before i try to do a z axis build. Thanks for your time

That’s what I used as well, while the Proma might have a smaller package, the TH3T-02 has much better configurability and the display is easily mounted to be sealed against water table splash. I’ve documented my THC setup, use the search tool to find it. In fact, the search tool for “TH3T-02” should get you all kinds of good stuff.

Same here, and I have no regrets!

A lot of my crazy mod stuff be here

I just upgraded the OG crossfire board to an ethernet smooth stepper with a c25xp, added a cnc4pc thorch height control, changed to a machine torch and switched to mach 4.

Talk about a deep rabbit hole…

As of tonight I finally got the post processor for f360 working properly and mach 4 fully configured.

Took a while and was a learning curve but I am very very happy with my decision.

Thc is a must with thin material or a table bigger then roughly 24"x24" let alone my table at 60"x60"

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Thanks for the update! Much appreciated! I’ve looked at switching to a smoothie board but wasn’t ready for the ‘rabbit hole’ as you say.

That’s an interesting selection. What else did you consider and why did you pick that?

Well I was going to stay with mach 3 but had issues implementing the new controller. Did some reading and decided to switched to mach 4. With mach 4 the ess changes torch firing m codes from m3/m5 to m62/m63. With the new m codes the firing of the torch is precisely cotrolled with the motion g commands which helps with piercing/delay. Also m62/m63 is designed for plasma as opposed to m3/m5 for spindles. Now I can use m3/m5 and m7/m9 for other attachments. Pin mapping is also very easy in mach4.

I have future plans for this machine and needed more then the 4 inputs that the og bob had. 15ish dedicated inputs and probably another 15 assignable.

With the board being ethernet I can now move my computer further then ~10’ from the control box which is a huge help in my setup.

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Cool! Thanks for the fast and detailed response!

With this configuration can you use the one computer to control multiple CNC machines (one at a time) with the single Mach4 license?

Not sure why you couldn’t.

Ethernet from computer to switch. Switch to all your machines. Then run one machine at a time. Sounds feasible.

I wouldn’t have internet hooked to the switch. Use wifi or add a separate nic.

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