Project requests...Marketplace

I hope Langmuir supports this thread idea…

I have spent a lot of time on the forum learning…reading…and it has been great.
What also is fantastic, are the mods people have done and posted…Laser lights…pen holders…small routers holders…gantry riser plates…the list goes on.

All these are great ideas…and many guys have the availability of 3D printers to make these things and many have…and many of us do not have 3D printers and tooling shops…

I do know that some guys would love a little extra cash for selling what they have built…and there are some of us that would like some things built but do not have the resources available.

an example is someone wanted saw-tooth slats for their table…but did not want to buy the metal and was limited to space.
someone made them…sold them and shipped them…member to member…

Can we post here what we can make for sale to people in the forum?
Can we post requests for items we would like someone to make?

We should keep all transactions in the private messages to keep the thread clean…but the ideas and pictures can be posted…

I for one would love to purchase a easy mountable or side mount sharpie holder.


Good idea!

Including @langmuirsystems in case they’re otherwise occupied.


Maybe a link here to a group in Facebook Marketplace?

A lot of us don’t use that death trap…


Had some bad activity there?

No. Because I don’t go anywhere near FaceBook or anything associated with it.


Facebook. Never have. Never will. Thats just me though. And of course TomWS.


Good company indeed! :beers:

bump…this thread…

Ah, yes, it sort of went off the rails with the Facebook distraction. So, yes, I do agree it would be nice to have a category like this. I wonder if someone could create such a thing… hmmmm…

Just checking in. I see there isnt any lightly used sofas or free puppies yet.

Plenty of kittens, I suspect.
FWIW, @langmuirsystems is the only entity that create a new category. I do think this is useful and would be moderated by the usual cast of characters so shouldn’t get out of hand. A set of rules, if our gracious hosts want any, can be pinned at the beginning of the category.


I do think its a good idea if it was restricted to Items or services only pertaining to this site. Jamesdhatch and I mentioned this along time ago but figured it would be a rummage sale and not what it was intended for.


I think this is a great idea

I too would like this. and I too don’t use FB. Personally, I’d love the sharpie tool… So if anyone has that, hit me up!

Details coming!

I bought an Ender 3 printer…3 years ago…$150…and filament…$25
in simple programs called tinkercad or thingaverse…ive designed or downloaded plenty.
made countless items for my diy co2 laser…has been invaluable…and fun for such a minimal expense