Project I made on the serial #1 PRO

We recently put together a PRO machine in the same fashion that our customers will (I.E unboxing the various boxes, following along with the assembly manual, etc). We primarily did this to make sure that all of the documentation is correct.

I decided to run a lengthy program on the machine to really exercise the hardware and software systems. This code is about 25,000 lines long and has 872 pierces. I generated the code with SheetCAM (also testing the post processor we made to make sure it works properly).

I hit run, went back into my office, and an hour later came back out to find the piece half done with the machine in an alarm state. Turns out that the Razorweld 45 cutter had misfired which prompted the system to feed hold. I was able to use the ‘Run From Here’ function in FireControl to restart the cut from where the misfire occurred. In seconds it was back to cutting and I went back into my office. The ability for the machine to recognize that a misfire has occurred is truly amazing.

20 minutes later I walked back out to capture the final perimeter cut on video so everyone can see the THC working through the warpage left behind by 871 previous cuts. I’ll try to get that posted soon. Overall I am extremely happy with the entire system, it works so good!


What thickness? Nice piece. I have 3 boys and that poem is the truth!

This was 14ga- and yes this is truth! I have two little girls myself and even though they are both young (1 and 3) I know that time with them is fleeting.


Awsome. Looks like its going to be a dream machine. Im dreaming of using it anyhow. Thanks for all the updates recently.

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my boys are 4, 6, and 8. It goes fast

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Great job! I just opened box 1 tonight and really was impressed with the quality.

I was thinking that same thing as I read it. Four boys here, 14, 11, 6 and 4. Love living the hectic life.

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Two boys and a girl. 4, 2 and 3 months. Love the poem. So true. We love our children. Will the file be available? Wouldn’t mind cutting one myself. Fits the state of our house perfectly. :grin: great job LS. Can’t wait.

Great sentiment. My “kids” are 30 and 33. Teach them to be responsible people, especially when it hurts and they will always admire and respect you and you’ll never wonder if you have the money to bail them out!:wink:


20 and 17 - about to be an empty nester with 2 in college. Nice poem and cuts looks great.