Problems with torch stopping

The past three thangs ive cut I’ve got this message the last peace it stop on me 3 times really getting tired of going back and fixing peace by hand. And this was done in sheetcam

Looking at you bottom pictures it shows the tool path…I have never seen sheetcam do a tool path like that.
in fact I am wondering what program you have used to draw this?..

in my picture below I circled in red a corner cut with a triangle…you may be loosing arc because the little triangle drops out as the torch goes to continue the cut it has no metal and the arc is lost.
are you drawing the triangles at the corners?

then the area I have in Yellow shows really bad lead in and lead out…are you drawing the lead in and lead out yourself?..

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Hey @Dozer What program are you using to draw with? I’ve had something similar happen when I draw in Inkscape and forget to union (i think that’s the term) and you won’t know it’s happened unless you view the outline. This certainly makes it tough for Sheetcam to draw a correct tool path.

Just a thought.

Those screenshots are from NC viewer

Here’s the tap file that was created in sheetCAM

Dan Zempter #7.tap (52.6 KB)

The original DXF I don’t believe has the odd corner cuts.

@Dozer may you post the DXF

It was drawn in fusion 360 cad and camed in sheetcam

Could you post the file you imported into sheetCAM. DXF or SVG

No sheetcam generated that

Does sheet cam have a keep corners sharp setting, this might cause that type of cut. Goes past point then come back to make the 90 deg turn?

dan golf sign dfx.dxf (190.9 KB)
Let me know if this works!!!

Yes there is none, triangle, and arc

I guess I can try another setting
What do you thank?

Is this the issue?

I myself am very Green with sheetCAM

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Yep ill turn it to none and see what happens next time.

Yeah. Looping sharp corners like that can cause the torch to go out when it crosses back over the already cut area in the corner.

Well waddaya know. Checked one of my drawings and looks like that would do it. Never used that option before. @TinWhisperer for the win… Of course… :laughing: