Problems with THC

hello i am currently experiencing problems with my THC i have followed the flow chart and replaced my MCB board and THC module and keep having the same problem. when running the program my z axis goes crazy either driving down into the metal or raising to high to even cut . when i run the thc test i get 0volts at rest and sometimes 5.4 volts at rest but when preforming the arc test i am only getting 9 volts even after changing the MCB board and THC module i am getting proper voltage out of the banana clips and also correct voltage at the connector that goes into the machine i tested continuity from the usb-b plug to the frame and it is open not sure what i am missing. any help would be greatly apricated i am pulling my hair out on this one i have had the crossfire pro for close to 3 years and cant seem to figure this problem out

Is the voltage correct when checking on the board inside the control box? If you have followed the flow chart all the way through you may have gotten bad replacement parts.

Yes, I have checked my voltage and every connection all the way to the board itself. I’ve even checked the A1 in the ground slots in the MCB board and I am getting the correct voltage.

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Possibly a fire control issue? Have you tried installing and reinstalling?

Yes everything is up to date I did figure out that if I unplug the IHS barrel connector the THC test works fine I will have to call Langmuir tomorrow and ask them what I should do next

Look and see if the ihs switch is touching the lead screw on the z axis. You are you ins somewhere. Do you have a meter?

Yes I have a meter what am I testing funny thing this isn’t in the flowchart for testing THC problems

Well it isnt part of the THC. … I Believe you may be getting interference through your Ihs…
It is a know problem for the Ihs to come in contact with the lead screw. Check continuity between the ihs switch and the frame of the table. Find it you probably will find your issue …
Oh and you are one of the few seen on here that pay that much attention to the flow chart.

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i try to figure problems out myself that’s why i followed the flow chart but the flow chart seems useless considering nothing on that flow chart points in this direction i will check for continuity when i get home this evening i spoke to Langmuir they are supposed to be sending me a new ihs wire and port

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